5 interesting facts about nature

The Ryazan region has a fairly developed industrial potential, but in addition there are areas that are practically untouched by the «industrial hand» of mankind. They were able to preserve the natural heritage and beauty of the natural elements, which has long been irretrievably lost in many regions of our state. There is a beautiful […]

Sights of Ankara

The capital of Turkey, Ankara, is the second most populated city after Istanbul. Ankara is located at an altitude of 850 meters above the water level from the edge of the Anatolian plateau. The city of Ankara — the old city, the fortress and the buildings of the city served as protection for local residents, […]

Pamukkale nature heritage

Pamukkale is an amazing heritage of nature to man. Truly, a wonder of the world This place is translated as a cotton castle! In these “cotton” places, hot thermal mineral springs come out, which contain a large amount of potassium oxide, as well as other mineral formations that have formed over many thousands of years […]

Baikal and its amazing mysteries

In the central part of Asia, there is a unique creation of mother nature — a lake called Baikal. This natural object is associated with a huge number of legends and mysterious stories. The fact is that strange phenomena that have no logical explanation are often noted here, which invariably arouse interest not only among […]

The best vacation options in autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time that has inspired poets, artists and other creative people at all times. Perfect for holidays. At this time, the opportunity remains to combine a beach holiday with an educational, sightseeing and active one, thus making the vacation rich and vibrant. Beach holidays in autumn Swimming in the sea and sunbathing […]

Popular hostels in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a rich history and cultural heritage. Every year a huge number of tourists visit this legendary city. Now it is fashionable among tourists with an average bill to stay in hostels. Among such establishments — most of the premises are clean and decent. But on the other hand, why overpay if the […]

China, Hainan island

If you want to combine a relaxing holiday with a vibrant excursion program, get health benefits and indulge yourself with exotic cuisine, go on one of the fascinating routes in China, including cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Sanya on the island of Hainan and Shanghai. It is best to start your acquaintance with Beijing […]

Holidays in Turkey

Rest in Russia is good, because there are quite a lot of resort towns. But still, many people prefer to relax in other countries, because the all-inclusive system is most common there. And Turkey is one of them. Young couples, families with children, and pensioners go here to relax. But, if you do not want […]

Rest in the Leningrad region

In our time, when one of the priorities of a person is work, each of us occasionally wants to relax, be in silence or just change the situation. And for this it is not necessary to go somewhere far away. For Petersburgers (and not only) it is possible to relax for the benefit of themselves, […]