Rest in Karelia

Nature lovers should definitely visit Karelia. Karelia is a unique region with many lakes. The advantages of rest in Karelia include: — Variety of types of recreation . You can sunbathe, go sightseeing, pick mushrooms and fish. Outdoor enthusiasts can go rock climbing, horseback riding, rafting on rough rivers. — Possibility of accommodation for every […]

Where you can have a cheap vacation abroad: 5 cheap countries for vacation

When vacation time comes, people think about holidays abroad. Many people want to spend their vacation outside of Russia, but not everyone can afford such a vacation. In this article we will talk about the cheapest countries in which Russian tourists have a rest. The cost of the trip primarily depends on the distance of […]

Cairo, Egypt: how to get there, what to see, where to go

Located on both banks of the Nile, Cairo is not only the capital of Egypt, but also the largest metropolis of the African continent. Not as popular with tourists as the resort regions of the country, this city, however, attracts connoisseurs of history, as well as those who want to feel the real spirit of […]

Why is Tobolsk called the pearl of Siberia?

The city, founded in 1587, played an important role in the formation of our state. It was Tobolsk that the Russian land began to grow. Now it is the «spiritual capital» of all Siberia. The history of Tobolsk is unusually rich and eventful. For more than a hundred years it has been the capital of […]

Holidays on the Black Sea coast of Turkey

At the same time, the coasts of Turkey occupy almost half of the entire Black Sea coast, stretching for more than one and a half thousand kilometers, and there are also many resorts here that have a number of advantages compared to the Mediterranean ones. So, here is not only beautiful and in its own […]

Nile river cruise in Egypt

What do you imagine when you hear the words «cruise on the Nile»? Most likely, the hot summer Egyptian sun, wonderful landscapes and mysterious monuments of ancient culture. And you are absolutely right in imagining all this, because a cruise on the Nile is just a unique opportunity to look at an amazing country full […]

The most mysterious places in Asia

Asia is a large continent with an endless number of different cultures and traditions. Stunning national parks, beautiful temples, hidden caves and islands, there is so much to see and do. Because it’s such a big place, it has so many places off the beaten path that not many people know about. There are many […]

Where to go in Dzhemet

According to tourists, Dzhemete is one of the best areas of Anapa. Here you can not only enjoy a beach holiday, but also visit interesting sights and entertainment areas of the resort. Dzhemete is ready to offer its guests to see cultural heritage and natural places that are worth visiting for every tourist. 5 interesting […]

Voronezh — the city of youth

Visiting Voronezh in one day is an exciting activity that improves your mood from exploring the many sights. The number of bright and interesting places can intrigue with dozens of museums and restaurants, hundreds of entertainment venues and excellent shops. Attributes and images of the city can be seen on many business cards and booklets, […]