Children usually look forward to winter holidays. Unsurprisingly, this is the time when they can take a break from school, studies and related responsibilities.

It is a pity, however, that they spend two weeks in front of the TV, which certainly will not have the best effect on their health and well-being. Therefore, it is worth thinking in advance about how to organize their time.

Winter holidays in the form of a semi-camp

  • Most schools organize summer camps not only in summer but also in winter. Then the children spend a significant part of the day playing with their peers, attending workshops or excursions. Therefore, it is worth asking the principal of the school in advance whether the school plans to organize such classes. If not, then that’s not a problem either.
  • Many institutions that organize side events have summer camps during the winter holidays. Of course, this is often associated with considerable expenses, but thanks to this, the child can improve in language, mathematics, learn new skills or play sports.

Handmade always on time

  • If we stay at home with the child and the weather outside the window does not favor going out, then it is worth preparing creative games for the child. Handwork is the most fun.

It is enough to prepare paints, crayons, tissue paper, colored postcards and you can do whatever your heart desires. Older children can create, for example, a winter country, and younger children can create a snowman from tissue paper.

Salt dough is great fun for everyone

It’s also a good idea to make figurines out of salt dough. Just mix water, salt, flour and a little olive oil to make a plastic mass that can be made into almost anything. Then, of course, you should dry your creations in the oven and paint with paints.

Board games are not just for kids

  • A variety of board games are not only great entertainment. The child can learn a lot from them.
  • There are geographical games, with curiosities from the world, arcade games and games that require logical thinking and quick wits.
  • Board games are popular not only among children, but also among adults. In addition, this is a great opportunity to have fun with the whole family.

Cook together

Who said cooking together has to be boring? It turns out that kids are happy to do something in the kitchen, if they have the opportunity. So let them prove themselves.

Older ones can prepare something according to the recipe on their own, and younger children will surely be happy to help their parents. Or maybe bake a cake or cookies together? It is worth making something that everyone will like — then cooking will be even more fun!