In the evening, Rome looks completely different than during the day. Therefore, for lovers of romance, we offer to make this short trip through the historical center of the city.

  • The starting point of the walk will be the Capitol Hill, which since ancient times has been the venue for public assemblies and meetings of the Senate.

Various religious ceremonies were also held here. On the hill is the Church of Santa Maria d’Araceli, which played an exceptional role in the life of Rome.

  • In the process of exploring these sights in front of you, Ancient Rome will come to life in all its glory. In the west, the hill ends with a sheer Tarpeian rock, from which criminals and slaves who escaped were pushed in ancient times.
  • The surviving fragments of the oldest and most significant temple of Jupiter on the Capitol are also located on the hill.

The magical atmosphere of this place inclines to serious philosophical reflection, great thoughts and high feelings. It is with you that the ancient history of mankind is “talking” in a kind of romantic language.

  • On the hill, you can relax in the famous cafe «Caffarelli», from the terrace of which you can enjoy unforgettable views of the lights of the evening city. Descending from the Capitol Hill, you will be taken directly to the Colosseum.

Spectacular illumination of the amphitheater gives the impression that a fabulous giant has grown in front of you. Many residents of the city and tourists are attracted here by mysterious stories about the ghosts of people who died here come to life at night.

  • In ancient times, public executions and brutal gladiator fights took place in the Colosseum. Many believe that the souls of the dead have not found peace and wander at night around the places of their death.
  • Some tourists talk about having personally met ghosts. The Colosseum is covered with such a peculiar romantic halo.

After spooky stories about ghosts, it’s better to relax a little and listen to the soothing murmur of the Trevi Fountain, designed in the middle of the 18th century by the famous architect Salvi. The fountain and the square surrounding it have the shape of a semicircle.

Such an architectural view creates the impression that spectators are located below, like in an amphitheater, looking at the stage, on which the king of the expanses of water Neptune leaves on a huge chariot in the form of a shell.

  • With the help of beautiful bright illumination, the attention of the public is focused on the central composition of the fountain. It is closely adjacent to the Palazzo Poli, which gives it an even more grandiose and majestic appearance.
  • To visit the Eternal City again, you need to throw a coin into the fountain. It is believed that after this all your wishes will come true.
  • The architecture of Ancient Rome is unparalleled in terms of the uniqueness of engineering art, the variety of compositions, and the scale of buildings. A striking example of this is the Trevi Fountain described above, which is rightfully considered the most beautiful in Rome.

At night, it is a truly enchanting sight. Thanks to magical illumination, the light shimmers in jets of water and it seems that a fairy-tale mystery is taking place in the middle of the fountain.

  • After admiring the elegance of this building, you can visit a cozy Italian cafe nearby and breathe in some local romance.

This night can be the most beautiful in your life, because nothing else brings such delight and inspiration as a walk through the most wonderful places in Rome, for example, such as Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna, which are located near the Trevi Fountain.