The development of international tourism in South Korea is in full swing. Despite its small size, this country can surprise you with the variety of types of recreation offered — from beach to event.

Koreans are known to be the biggest workaholics in the world, and their vacation is usually no more than one week.

  • For obvious reasons, the inhabitants of the country have a rest here in Korea, many go to the beautiful and largest Jeju island in the country with magnificent beaches and heavenly corners of natural splendor.

Jeju (Jeju-do) is called an island, a province, one of the two cities located here has the same name. It houses an international airport that receives flights from Seoul, other Korean cities, as well as from major cities around the world.

  • The flight from Seoul arrives on the island 35 minutes after takeoff. Jeju, as well as throughout the country, has a well-developed transport system that makes it easy to move around the territory. You can rent a car directly at the airport building.
  • The island is located 100 km south of the Korean Peninsula and occupies a little less than 2000 sq. km of land in the Korea Strait. Weather conditions here are determined by mild subtropical climate.
  • You can come here all year round, in every season the island opens up from a new attractive side. In July and August, the Koreans themselves rest here, escaping from office everyday life, the beaches are crowded, and the resort is going through a hot season.
  • In spring and autumn, the warm sea, the coast that has become empty after the departure of the country’s inhabitants, is very attractive to tourists from all over the world.

The volcanic origin of the island determines the bizarre forms of rocks and gorges. The island is more than 2 million years old, it was then, according to historians, that a volcanic eruption occurred that formed this part of the land.

  • Jeju is home to the extinct volcano Halla-san, which is 1950 meters high and is the highest peak in Korea. Halla San National Park is located in close proximity to the volcano.
  • Excursions to the lake in its crater attract curious tourists, they are well organized and pass along picturesque hiking trails.

Jeju Island is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Well-groomed coastline, exceptionally clear sea, amazing natural wealth have made this place a favorite place for honeymoon among the inhabitants of the country.

  • Following the Koreans, lovers from all over the world began to come here. Jeju has a romantic atmosphere, as well as many pleasant places for couples to retire.

Among the epithets that are assigned by the inhabitants of this wonderful island, “the island of the newlyweds”, “Eastern Hawaii”, “tangerine island”, and also Jeju is called the island of stones, women and wind. They also say that it is not quite similar to the rest of Korea, but is distinguished by its originality, its climate and atmosphere.

Vacationers do not have to be bored here. A variety of museums, ethnic Korean settlements, a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and of course, snow-white beaches, fascinating sea expanses attract couples with children, newlyweds and those who are strangers to a relaxing beach holiday, as well as diving enthusiasts of all ages.