Many have heard of such Turkish resorts as Alanya, Antalya, Marmaris, Side, Bodrum and Belek.

And you need to choose tours to these resorts very carefully.

You can swim in Turkey from April until late autumn. Turkey offers more than a dozen beach resorts and more than one thousand hotels. How to choose a holiday among this variety? In order not to be disappointed in the choice, you will have to decide what you want to see at the resort.

Tour to Antalya

Antalya is rightly called the resort capital of Turkey. There are many hotels with different numbers of stars, water parks for every taste, and there is an airport.

  • At night, guests of the city are hospitably greeted by nightclubs with incendiary discos, many bars and restaurants. Arriving in Antalya, you will plunge headlong into the resort and night life of Turkey.

Tour in Side

  • Side is distinguished, first of all, by the wealth of hotels on the Mediterranean coast. At your service — the most comfortable rooms with top-level service. In each hotel you are waiting for a lot of entertainment. First of all, these are water parks.
  • Side is ideal for wealthy people. In addition, there are many children’s entertainments, so Side is perfect for a family holiday.

Belek is considered the most prestigious resort in Turkey. In Belek, you will be met by expensive hotels, wonderful golf courses, as well as a pine reserve and picturesque villas. From the houses, guests can enjoy an incredibly beautiful view — roses, birds … In addition, here you can walk along the longest sandy beach in Turkey — Lara Beach.

Tour to Kemer

Kemer is, first of all, an excellent beach and a pine reserve. Kemer is the epitome of the beauty of the nature of the Mediterranean Sea — here the mountains descend directly to the sea. Due to the incredible popularity of this resort, it is worth taking care of a tour to Kemer in advance.

Tour to Marmaris

  • The second name of Marmaris is the Turkish Riviera. Marmaris is located in the largest harbor in the world, where two seas meet — the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The Turks themselves are sure that here is the most beautiful coast.

Arriving in Marmaris, you will be able to appreciate its wonderful climate — in the hottest months it is 5-7 degrees cooler compared to other resorts. And there is always a light breeze from the sea.

Tour to Alanya

  • Alanya is ideal for young people. In Alanya, the coast curves into the sea, dotted with rocky cliffs. Young romantics can enjoy cozy bays and caves where, according to legend, pirates hid their treasures.

Holidays in Turkey will be just unforgettable for you. Warm and clear seas, golden sandy beaches and plenty of entertainment await you!