Vietnam has become one of the most popular travel destinations among our compatriots in recent years. Low prices, good service, excellent beaches and natural landscapes of amazing beauty — all this attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Many praise Vietnamese street food: they say it is both tasty and cheap. But we would like to warn you against buying some products — it can be dangerous for your health. Here are our top 5 foods that can be dangerous to eat in Vietnam.

Coffee to go or cheap cafes

In Vietnam, there are a lot of small coffee shops that offer tourists dozens of varieties of coffee. Competition is fierce, so sellers seek to reduce the price of the product, reduce its cost.

Flavorings and flavor enhancers are often added to coffee, which can be hazardous to health. So we recommend buying coffee only in fairly large and prestigious cafes and not chasing low prices in street coffee shops.

blood pudding

This dish is made from fresh, uncooked duck or pig blood. Tourists often decide to try an exotic dish, but in vain: the blood can contain deadly bacteria. If you want exotic, it is better to stay on ordinary fruits.

raw vegetables

Raw vegetables, oddly enough, also pose a danger to your stomach. Vietnamese farmers, like their counterparts around the world, of course, use pesticides and fertilizers.

However, the Vietnamese went further: they learned to make lettuce leaves greener and mushrooms whiter thanks to garden “chemistry”. Such products are very attractive in appearance, but can be hazardous to health in their raw form.

Fugu fish

Only a true master of his craft can properly cook this, in fact, poisonous fish. Are you sure that the chef from the nearest cafe can handle this? Then don’t risk it.

plain water

We think you already know that when traveling to exotic countries it is better to refrain from drinking raw tap water.

But we’d better remind you again: it’s better to buy water in a supermarket, bottled and not the cheapest, which has undergone sufficient purification.

Warned — almost saved. So now you are warned about all the «unreliable» foods that can be dangerous to consume in Vietnam. Be careful and enjoy your trip!