Choosing a tour is the next question that confronts a vacationer who has already decided to go to some country. For example, you are going to visit Turkey. An excellent choice, especially if you choose the right tour operator and package (tour).

Of course, you can end up in Turkey in order to buy clothes in bulk — this is another matter, and it is unlikely that someone will be able to guarantee you protection from fraud on such a holiday in Turkey.

If your goal is the thermal springs of Turkey, then a completely different conversation — there are a number of constructive tips that you can use when choosing a tour.

The thermal springs of Turkey are the wealth of many resorts. Let’s name such sources as Balchova (Kusadasi), Cheshme, Balkova (Izmir), Yalova (Istanbul), Kervansaray Thermal (Bursa), Colosia (Pamukkale), Balıkesir Gönen (Istanbul), Mud Baths on the Dalyan River (Dalaman), Basin Cleopatra (Pamukkale), etc.

  • One of the most famous places where people come in search of thermal springs is Dalyan — a beautiful city that gave healing from a number of diseases to many of its guests.

In search of recovery from rheumatism, back pain, etc. Dalyan has been visited for a long time.

  • The largest thermal spring of the resort is Sultaniye , located southwest of Lake Koycegiz (4 km from Dalyan). Having visited Sultaniya, without any fraud on vacation in Turkey, you will find yourself at the most radioactive source in the country (98. 3).

By the way, this source occupies the second position in terms of radon level (yielding first place to Indonesian thermal springs).

The range of effects of thermal water, which is rich in chloride and calcium sulfate, radon, etc., is wide. These hot waters are curative for back pain, sciatica, rheumatism, nephritis, lumbago, nephthalphia, as well as gynecological, dermatological and many other diseases.

One course of treatment is able to strengthen the human body and protect it from diseases for the whole coming year. In any case, it is worth considering how promising trips to Turkey for wholesale clothing are when such magic of healing thermal water is nearby!

At any convenient time of the year, you can buy last-minute tours to Turkey at low prices. You just need to choose the right time for you. This country is beautiful both in summer and in winter.