What could be healthier than rest, prevention and treatment close to home, when there is no need to fly somewhere for a long time, and even face an unusual climate, which is not always beneficial for the body.

That is why many fellow citizens are increasingly choosing Russian resorts and boarding houses as their place of rest. Recently, this trend has been developing, especially since such a vacation, as a rule, is cheaper.

Many options are provided by boarding houses and sanatoriums of the Moscow region. All conditions for excellent rest, comprehensive examination of the body and high-quality treatment using the latest achievements of medicine are created here.

In the suburban boarding houses, the following groups of diseases are treated: cardiological, cardiovascular, diseases of the nervous system and respiratory organs.

  • There are boarding houses specializing in weight correction problems: Zvenigorod, Sofrino, Zagorskie Dali, and allergic diseases — Marfinsky.
  • For people suffering from respiratory diseases, it is best to choose places in pine forests, where the air is saturated with healing phytoncides. For those who need to take care of the nervous system, boarding houses that provide a special set of water procedures, thermal and massage baths ( Forest Lake, Pushkino, Valuevo ) are suitable.
  • If the digestive organs are not in order, you should opt for those places where you can undergo a course of treatment with mineral waters, for example, in Dorohovo, Monino, Erino, in the Signal boarding house .
  • A number of health resorts provide a range of services to maintain beauty. Here you can take a course of SPA-procedures, which will especially attract women. These are boarding houses such as «Zvenigorod», «Green Town», «Barvikha» .

Modern boarding houses are well equipped for a comfortable stay and good rest: swimming pools, saunas, water activities, bowling, cinema halls, various excursions, horseback riding, broadband Internet access, conference rooms, etc.

In modern boarding houses you will not be bored. Everyone will find something to their liking, and not spend time in the room.

An important advantage of a holiday in the suburbs close to home is that you can safely take small children with you. The climate is familiar to them here, and in case of any problems, you can always quickly return home.