One of the most mysterious places on our planet is the Dead Sea, which attracts thousands of vacationers into its arms year after year. The sea is so saturated with salt that its salinity reaches as much as 30 ppm, while in other seas it is at least 3 ppm.

First of all, tourists go here to appreciate the healing properties of this miracle of nature. The Dead Sea has a lot of mineral waters and therapeutic mud.

But regardless of the purpose for which you go to this place, you will get an unforgettable experience of what happened.

For those who have never been to the Dead Sea, here are some tips for swimming in the local waters.

1. Due to the high salinity of the water, it is unrealistic to drown here . So forget about swimming lessons, you won’t need them. Just imagine being put on an invisible life jacket;

2. There are no nudist beaches here , and swimming in an expensive swimsuit from the most leading manufacturers should not even be a thought, but all because the salt will ruthlessly eat all the newfangled fabrics of your swimsuit. Get a simpler swimsuit;

3. The next point concerns girls who like to do hair removal often. A few days before swimming in the sea, you should not use a razor and other hair removal devices, as the salt will penetrate into the exposed pores and ruin your mood for the whole vacation;

4. Get slates in order to enter them into the water . There is a risk of injuring the feet on some regular exposed stone at the bottom of the sea;

5. For thousands of years people have been coming to the Dead Sea for medicinal purposes. After enjoying all the boat trips, head to your hotel and book a spa treatment for yourself. It successfully treats various skin diseases, as well as problems directly related to the respiratory system.