After more than ten years, Serbia appears to the traveler from a completely different perspective, as a country where you can have a good and useful time.


Vouchers to Serbia are primarily medical and wellness, as this state has a fairly acceptable climate and many health clinics that treat diseases of various kinds.

The cost of a trip and accommodation together with treatment will be significantly lower than in any other European country, so experienced travelers in their desire to improve their body and spirit choose Serbia.


Skiing is also popular in Serbia, which you can do in the resort of Kopaonik.

  • You can come to this beautiful place both alone and with the whole family. Children will especially like sledding, which is especially popular in this place.
  • For those who do not know how to ski and skate at all, special training courses are organized, which are ready to be conducted by experienced instructors. Also, such courses can be taken by kids with whom they are ready to mess around all day in an impromptu kindergarten.

This service gives parents the opportunity to be alone, walking along the ski tracks. Of course, it is better to book a hotel in advance.


  • Fortresses are the remains of the Middle Ages, which are scattered in abundance throughout Serbia. Their visit will be especially interesting. You can also visit no less ancient mountains
  • For the most part, parks and reserves lead travelers to utter delight, as the wondrous nature cannot leave anyone indifferent. There are special paths in the parks, and you can ride bicycles along the forest roads.
  • The kitchen is in the best village traditions. All visitors admire her, trying to get to the restaurant as quickly as possible and order several national dishes.
  • There are a large number of Orthodox churches in Serbia, which, with their vaults, go high into the sky. From the inside, the buildings are very beautifully equipped, the walls are covered with beautiful paintings and frescoes, in addition, the picturesque landscapes are in perfect harmony with the external appearance of the church.

The absence of transport problems also attracts tourists to Serbia. The state is quite small, so the necessary travel can be done even on foot.