Nature lovers should definitely visit Karelia. Karelia is a unique region with many lakes.

The advantages of rest in Karelia include:

— Variety of types of recreation . You can sunbathe, go sightseeing, pick mushrooms and fish. Outdoor enthusiasts can go rock climbing, horseback riding, rafting on rough rivers.
— Possibility of accommodation for every taste and budget. To services of fans of comfortable rest hotels with high level of service. There is an opportunity to put up a tent and spend your holidays alone with nature.
— Excellent ecology. Clean air, clear water, untouched nature contribute to the restoration of strength, immunity, and health.
— Beautiful nature. Away from major cities, you can take a break from civilization, enjoy the beauty of wildlife.


Valaam Island is the main part of the Valaam archipelago. The nature of Valaam strikes with its beauty. Despite the rocky landscape, apple trees, lilacs and various flowers bloom here in summer.

The beauty of Valaam nature is reflected in the paintings of I. I. Shishkin and M. K. Klodt.

  • The main attraction of Valaam is the stauropegial monastery. It contains the miraculous icon of the Valaam Mother of God. Features of the architecture of the monastery have gained worldwide fame.

The sketes also attract the attention of tourists. Monks live in seclusion in these sketes. Many sketes are available for tourists to visit.


Thousands of tourists annually visit this picturesque corner of nature. The nature of Ruskeala Park looks so attractive that it is not enough to just look at photos on the Internet.

There is a mountain park in which a marble quarry is located. Marble Canyon, immersed in water, looks unusual through the thickness of transparent water.

Tourists who are going to spend their holidays in Karelia should prepare for high humidity and changeable weather. Temperature fluctuations and sudden showers are the norm for Karelia.

  • You should stock up in advance with funds from mosquitoes and other insects that greatly annoy tourists.

In addition, you need to be prepared to meet poisonous snakes that are dangerous to humans. It is better to explore natural attractions in high rubber boots.

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