What do you imagine when you hear the words «cruise on the Nile»? Most likely, the hot summer Egyptian sun, wonderful landscapes and mysterious monuments of ancient culture.

And you are absolutely right in imagining all this, because a cruise on the Nile is just a unique opportunity to look at an amazing country full of mysteries and secrets, but also a chance to visit architectural wonders built thousands of years ago.

The most popular cruise route in Egypt to this day remains the journey from the ancient city of Aswan to the no less ancient city of the kings — Luxor.

  • This route has many advantages, ranging from an unforgettable river trip on comfortable and modern multi-deck motor ships to an excellent level of service during the trip.
  • After all, a river cruise on the Nile is not only a visit to numerous monuments and various historical sites, but also an excellent vacation on a comfortable floating hotel.

Tourists cruising the Nile will be provided with bars, swimming pools, a restaurant, a solarium, and even sports fields! Exotic parties are organized every evening, full three meals a day and just wonderful service are also provided.

A river cruise here is not just a vacation for the lazy, for example, in Luxor tourists will find a super-rich excursion program, in which they will be given the opportunity to visit the world-famous pearl of Egypt — the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak and Luxor temples, and in the city of Aswan on a special excursion you you will definitely see the miracle of modern technical thought — the giant dam of the Aswan reservoir.

  • Between these exciting excursions, you can simply relax lying on the deck, keeping this unforgettable cruise on the Nile in your memory, and watching the flow of the eternal river.