At the same time, the coasts of Turkey occupy almost half of the entire Black Sea coast, stretching for more than one and a half thousand kilometers, and there are also many resorts here that have a number of advantages compared to the Mediterranean ones.

So, here is not only beautiful and in its own way special nature, but also a climate that is more in line with ours, and is not so hot even in the very middle of summer.

Therefore, the Black Sea coast of Turkey is more preferable for families with children and those people who are hard to tolerate acclimatization.

The Black Sea coast of Turkey is separated from the rest of the territory by a mountain range, which creates a unique microclimate and allows you to make exciting walks.

All the charm of these places is in the absence of crowds of tourists and the atmosphere of romance and solitude.

The most popular resorts on the Black Sea coast of Turkey are:


The city of Samsun is very ancient. It was founded by Greek colonists as early as the 6th century BC. It is here that you can get acquainted with the real, not touristic Turkey, its traditions and way of life.


The city of Amasra is a port city and began to develop as a resort not so long ago. Nevertheless, the most modern infrastructure has already been created here, and local restaurants are famous for their fish dishes. An ideal place for a relaxing holiday.


A small city, which is the capital of the province, which, in turn, is famous for its farmland, which grows many types of berries and fruits. Tourists are offered the most modern comfortable hotels.

Considering the northwestern coast of Turkey, it is safe to say that this is where the best beaches are located. The city has a fairly large number of historical monuments, dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks, who founded Giresun.


Sinop and its surroundings are literally saturated with history. It was here that the famous philosopher Diogenes was born. Here, the nature is amazing, in its beauty, and there are a lot of good hotels, the cost of living in which is very moderate.