Features of rest in Lermontovo

The village, named after the great writer M. Yu. Lermontov, is located in the Krasnodar Territory. The resort is famous for its golden sandy beaches. Families with children love to come here on vacation. Climate In winter, Lermontovo receives the bulk of the annual precipitation. The air temperature is +6-8 degrees. The swimming season at […]

Historical heart of Turkey

In many countries of the world there are unique objects of art, culture or architecture. Everyone knows the Pyramids of Giza, the Greek Meteora, the Angkor Wat complex, the Taj Mahal and other wonders created by the imagination and skill of man. Thanks to modern technologies that allow you to overcome any distance, today you […]

Attractions Miskolc

In their desire to see almost the whole world, avid travelers visit a variety of countries and cities. Of course, the main goal of any trip is sightseeing, acquaintance with local customs, amusements, and national cuisine. However, no trip can be successful if the issue of housing is not resolved. It is interesting that today […]

Top landmarks in Stockholm

Stockholm is a cozy city in Sweden, located on fourteen islands in the strait, which unites the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. All these fourteen islands are connected by bridges. Clean clear water is the pride of the Swedes, and you can often watch the inhabitants of the city fishing in its very center. But […]

Top of Europe

If you look at the map of Switzerland, almost in the center you can find a mountain peak called the Jungfrau with a height of 4,158 m. There are many such heights in the Alps, but the Jungfrau has one indisputable advantage: you do not need to be a climber and climbers to reach its […]

5 amazing things about Malaysia

1. No knife at the table Malaysia is known for its culinary diversity. The food is delicious and varied. Take advantage of your stay to sample Malay cuisine as well as Indian, Chinese and Thai. In local restaurants, you will be surprised by the assortment of cutlery. In Chinese restaurants, of course, they will give […]

Friborg Swiss contrast

In the north-west of Switzerland, in the land of waterfalls and green valleys, fabulous villages and picturesque lakes, on the river Sarin stands the medieval city of Freiburg. The capital of the canton of the same name was able to combine folklore elements and local traditions with the progress of modern art. A city of […]

Fly away into summer

Traveling is a common hobby of modern people. But if earlier Turkey and Egypt seemed like an ideal way to relax, now all-inclusive with cheap alcohol will not seduce everyone. How to relax in winter without dancing to “Aram-zam-zam” and shouting “Tag-i-il!”? First of all, it should be noted that no one in any way […]

stone park

One of the first approved national parks in modern history, Yellowstone was established in the 19th century and is located in the United States. Its territory lies immediately in the three states of Wyoming (about 96%), Montana (about 3%) and Idaho (about 1%). The main interest for visitors are hot springs — geysers, because in […]