Top 11 Mexico City Attractions

Mysterious and alluring Mexico City was built on the site of the ancient capital of the Aztecs, the great city of Tenochtitlan. The Spanish conquistadors destroyed it almost to the ground, but could not completely destroy it. The main sights of the capital of Mexico are connected with the history of this great people and […]

Holidays in Indonesia

Beautiful beaches, high waves — this is a real paradise for surfers! Everyone who is attracted by tourism, recreation and entertainment is captivated by holidays on the islands, because the stunning beauty of nature and sights cannot but captivate. Indonesia was not a unified state until the 20th century, so a wide variety of peoples […]

Sights of Rostov-on-Don

Rostov-on-Don is considered the capital of the Southern Federal District, the city of five seas and the gateway to the Caucasus. In 1749, by decree of Elizabeth Petrovna, the largest city in the south of the Russian Federation today, Rostov-on-Don, was founded. The city is located on the Don River, almost near the place of […]

In Ireland

Ireland is a country of elves, ale, leprechauns and picturesque green landscapes. It is distinguished not only by its original and original culture, but also by strict legislation. What should not be done in Ireland so as not to spoil your trip? What is prohibited in Ireland according to the laws? Ireland has banned smoking […]

Vacation in Madrid?

In order for a trip to Madrid to be successful and leave a lot of pleasant impressions, a tourist needs to know about some features of the mentality, the customs of this city, the rules of conduct in public places, and most importantly, what is strictly forbidden to do here. Do not come to meetings […]

Where to go in Novomikhailovsky?

The resort village of the Krasnodar Territory receives many tourists every tourist season. In Novomikhailovsky you can not only bask in the sun and swim in the sea, but also visit interesting places. Fortress Nikopsia The ruins of the building remained from the Greek colony of Nikopsia. According to legend, Prince Inal was born here, […]

What to see in Rome

In the evening, Rome looks completely different than during the day. Therefore, for lovers of romance, we offer to make this short trip through the historical center of the city. The starting point of the walk will be the Capitol Hill, which since ancient times has been the venue for public assemblies and meetings of […]

Tourist in Vietnam

Like any other country, Vietnam has its own culture and traditions, features and weaknesses. Therefore, before setting off, a tourist needs to familiarize himself not only with the sights, hotels and beaches, but also with the elementary rules of conduct. 1. You can not walk in revealing outfits On the streets you will not meet […]

Holidays in Russia?

Every year in Russia, the days from the first to the eighth of January are declared non-working, because they fall on the New Year holidays. And every year, thousands of people across the country are faced with the same question: «how to spend these holidays, so as not to regret the lost time later?». This […]