jailoo tourism

The best option for traveling in the mountains is from May to September. This type of tourism is closely intertwined with ethnic tourism, here it is offered to spend the night in a shepherd’s yurt, right in the middle of the steppe, and taste the national food. This is Kyrgyzstan or Mongolia, or maybe the […]

Hospitable Caucasus

The Caucasus is the place that at all times was famous for the hospitality of the local population and the fantastic beauty of nature, for this reason many travelers dream of visiting these places. Primordial forests, majestic mountains and the purest water in lakes and rivers attract more and more travelers every year, who at […]

Winter holidays in Sochi

The fame of the best resort on the Black Sea coast has long been entrenched in the resort of Sochi. All year round Sochi hospitably welcomes tourists from all cities of the country and even foreigners. The city develops, equips itself and becomes more beautiful every season. Often in discussions on forums, in transport or […]

Atyrau in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country of endless steppes, hot summers and delicious sweets. But there is a city inside it that cannot be called a tourist center — Atyrau. Yes, ordinary tourists will rather be bored there, since Atyrau is a place of big business. Very important people come here every day for the purpose of […]

The best resorts

What could be healthier than rest, prevention and treatment close to home, when there is no need to fly somewhere for a long time, and even face an unusual climate, which is not always beneficial for the body. That is why many fellow citizens are increasingly choosing Russian resorts and boarding houses as their place […]

Five waterfalls of the world

Waterfalls are one of the most wonderful and unusual phenomena of nature. Streams of water flowing in free fall from the top of the mountain make this spectacle unforgettable and make you feel all the natural power of our planet. Not all waterfalls are accessible to tourists, but there are many beautiful places that are […]

France attractions

Many people associate France with the Eiffel Tower, wine, cheese and perfumes. However, this country is much more diverse and richer than the layman can imagine, and its cultural and historical heritage dates back to the Neolithic era. France is rightfully considered one of the centers of world tourism; more than 70 million foreigners visit […]

Bremen is a city

We all remember the fairy tale about the Bremen Town Musicians, famous for all children and adults. Today we will look at the city of Bremen, a city that came to us in childhood. This city is located on the picturesque banks of the Weser River, which flows into the North Sea literally sixty kilometers […]

Gudauta resort in Abkhazia

This resort of Abkhazia seems to be created for a magical holiday. Everything here contributes to this. Surroundings with unthinkable beauty, amazing views of the Caucasus Range, majestic mountains, pebble beaches, as well as an excellent climate. In ancient times, Gudauta was the center of the most active trade with merchants from Greece. The poetic […]