Tours to Egypt for holidays

Of course, it’s nice to arrange a little trip for yourself, without having to take a vacation. Tours to Egypt are the best option, which is why many Russian tourists go there for the November holidays. – tours to Egypt for the November holidays can be bought at least one day before departure – you […]

Thermal springs of Turkey

Choosing a tour is the next question that confronts a vacationer who has already decided to go to some country. For example, you are going to visit Turkey. An excellent choice, especially if you choose the right tour operator and package (tour). Of course, you can end up in Turkey in order to buy clothes […]

Top 5 Products in Vietnam

Vietnam has become one of the most popular travel destinations among our compatriots in recent years. Low prices, good service, excellent beaches and natural landscapes of amazing beauty — all this attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Many praise Vietnamese street food: they say it is both tasty and cheap. But we would […]

Winter holidays by the sea

When winter lasts a very long time, you want to change the situation and escape into the summer. That is why many people prefer to spend their winter holidays on hot beaches or walking along the sea coast, inhaling the salty air. In winter, you can go to the sea without a visa to Abkhazia. […]

Top 5 countries for holidays

Quite a lot of tourists love nature, but often a significant part of people prefer green tourism, which is also called eco-vacation. Its focus may vary, but the bottom line is that a person will be among nature and will not harm it in any way. As a rule, such holidays are chosen for a […]

Winter holidays in the mountains

In winter, many people prefer to choose a beach holiday to escape from monotonous snowy days. But some people like an active vacation with skiing and tubing, hot mulled wine and chocolate on dark winter evenings. There are several suitable places for such a holiday, where you can go without a visa. Winter holidays in […]

Mysterious temples in India

It is said that India is home to a huge number of gods and goddesses. There are a large number of sacred cities and shrines that can be explored in this country. Temples and shrines are present at every turn, but many of them are really strange, with unusual traditions. Some temples in India are […]

Sights of Surgut

Surgut is a young city. It consists of a jumble of micro-districts full of typical high-rise buildings. Yet it has its own charm and a long history that is easy to overlook. If you went to Surgut, first of all look at the monument to the founders of the city , which is located in […]

Holidays in Hurghada

Hurghada is called a tourist center on the shores of the famous Red Sea. This place is located 500 kilometers to the southeast side of Cairo. The resort place is unique and beautiful due to its diversity. A lot of beautiful and comfortable hotels have been built on the territory, which are ready to meet […]