We all remember the fairy tale about the Bremen Town Musicians, famous for all children and adults. Today we will look at the city of Bremen, a city that came to us in childhood.

This city is located on the picturesque banks of the Weser River, which flows into the North Sea literally sixty kilometers later.

  • By the way, the population of Bremen is approximately five hundred thousand people — this is the factor that brought the city in the general statistics of German cities to the tenth place in size.
  • By the way, the city is located in a valley located between the mouths of the two rivers Weser and Elbe. It is because of this that these land areas were called the “Wet Triangle”.

The history of the city is long, rich and interesting. The very first settlements began to appear here in the interval between the first and eighth century AD, but already in the second century, the geographer from Alexandria — Claudius Ptolemy mentioned the ancient settlement «Fabiranum», which is actually the ancestor of the city of Bremen.

But the city itself was nevertheless founded in the year 787, at the direction of Charlemagne himself, as a residence for his bishops. But now Bremen should not be considered only as a city with a rich centuries-old history.

A scientific and technical center has been rapidly developing here for more than a hundred years. Therefore, the symbiosis of the city with a rich cultural heritage of the whole world is clearly evident here — according to UNESCO and a modern German city, progressive and honoring its traditions, carefully treating its historical sights.

  • Speaking of sights: in addition to the famous City Hall and the Market Square, which was recognized as the most beautiful in all of Europe, all tourists and travelers definitely come here to look at the miracle of architecture of the ninth century — St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Therefore, if you want to feel the whole atmosphere of ancient Germany, be sure to fly there.

Start thinking now where to pick up flights from Vilnius to Bremen. Fly there and you will not be disappointed, and bright memories of this beautiful place will remain with you for a lifetime.