However, this is not the main reason to visit Austria. Because this country beckons with completely different notes that merge into an exciting melody of mountains, snow and skis.

Therefore, the best time to visit Austria is undoubtedly winter. Do not think that there are no museums in Austria. Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck — the most popular cities in the country — are always open to connoisseurs of culture and are ready to please you with magnificent sights.

The house-museums of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Strauss will allow you to lift the veil of the mystery of life and feel the spirit of the great composers.

Connoisseurs of reference music will like the Vienna State Opera, and famous museums — cultural and historical, art and history — will give you the most complete picture of all areas of the culture of this country.

  • In Austria you will find the embodiment of architectural monuments of all eras. Romanesque temples in Vienna, baroque palaces in major cities. St. Stephen’s Cathedral strikes with its Gothic sophistication and grandiloquence.

Walking the streets of Vienna or Salzburg, you might think that you are in a beautiful painting or in a toy town, or in a fairy tale — everything is so beautiful, organic and in its place there.

All this awaits you in Austria all year round. But in this multifaceted country there are also the most popular mountain resorts. Fans of outdoor activities will have plenty to choose from.

  • It all depends on your preferences and skills. Austria is famous for its wide range of slopes of various levels, more and less difficult hiking trails, as well as the different natural features of each resort.
  • Innsbruck, located in Central Tyrol and being its capital, attracts the largest number of tourists involved in mountain sports.
  • This part of the Alps is the most popular Austrian resort, largely due to its developed infrastructure and accessibility. Plus, it is also that Innsbruck is easy to get to.
  • Mesmerizing mountain tracks will make your heart beat faster! And cozy hotels, where you will be offered top-class service, will warm you up.

In the Ötztal valley, it is famous for the highest Alpine resort, which is what tourists like. And in Salzberg is the European Sports Region, which includes several resorts and developed infrastructure.

Austria is a fusion of modernity and antiquity, plains and peaks, beautiful architectural monuments and resort houses. But the main thing is the interweaving of music and sports, soul and body.

It is worth going to Austria at least to find harmony. Not every country can offer such an invaluable service.