Kazakhstan is a country of endless steppes, hot summers and delicious sweets. But there is a city inside it that cannot be called a tourist center — Atyrau. Yes, ordinary tourists will rather be bored there, since Atyrau is a place of big business.

Very important people come here every day for the purpose of business negotiations and deals. Based on these characteristics, there are a minimum of entertainment events in the city, there are no amusement parks with attractions, and disco clubs are also few.

  • But there is an oil refinery — one of the largest enterprises in Kazakhstan. It is he who is the reason for travel tourism. But the lack of entertainment facilities does not mean that Atyrau is a boring city.

Although, having arrived at the local airport, one can judge the modesty and rigor of architecture. But already on the way to the center, you can be sure that Atyrau is being built up according to all modern and fashionable parameters.

  • In the very center of the city there is a beautiful mosque , sculptural compositions, fountains and high business centers.
  • The Ural River also flows through the whole city , only the locals do not swim or sunbathe there. If a visitor decides to have a picnic near the river, then the Kazakh population will not understand him. For such pleasures there are baths and saunas in the suburbs.
  • Of course, in such a city there are many hotels. Only, given the status of visiting business people, the cost of living is high.

But this is justified by the service. One of the most beloved and high-quality is the Atyrau Hotel. Recently, she has the privilege of a five-star hotel and she has only the most positive customer reviews.

  • Another distinguishing feature of Atyrau is the cuisine. The city has restaurants and cafes of different price levels that serve top-class dishes.

There are also echoes from the Soviet past — tea and bagel establishments where you can treat yourself to national sweets, real tea and healing koumiss.