Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia, Kazan are a storehouse of sights, monuments and historical places. There are also many museums, theaters and exhibitions in these cities. All this attracts a large mass of tourists. And here is the city of Uryupinsk. Does it have the opportunity to become a tourist center?

Uryupinsk is a small town, but avid travelers will be satisfied with what they see there.

  • In Dzerzhinsky Lane, tourists will see a sculptural group depicting the characters of the story “The Fate of a Man” by M. Sholokhov. Directly in this post-war town, the prototype of the protagonist found and adopted an orphan boy.
  • Here in the lane there is the most famous sculptural structure of Uryupinsk, dedicated to the goat. For the Uryupin people, this is a sacred animal in the development of the down trade. In general, there are many things connected with this pet in the city — the Miss Goat contest, the Goat Museum, Goat Day.
  • An interesting sculptural composition dedicated to old needlewomen has been installed on Lenin Street. Three grandmothers made of bronze are carding wool, spinning, knitting, and next to them a small cat is playing with a ball.
  • The functioning city pharmacy houses an amazing Pharmacy Museum.
  • Uryupinsk itself is located quite far from the seas, but it has its own Fleet Museum, which simply has no analogue in the region.
  • In the art gallery, connoisseurs of painting have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the work of local artist Ilya Mashkov.
  • The gates of the Summer Garden, which are an exact copy of those in St. Petersburg, have become a city landmark.
  • Another «feature» of Uryupinsk is located in Cherry Square — a stunning monument to the heroes of a joke about a student and a professor with the famous expression: «I’ll give up everything — I’ll go to Uryupinsk!». This one phrase gave the town fame.
  • The Uryupinsk Museum of Local Lore is housed in an old building of a merchant’s mansion of the early 20th century.

The archival fund of the museum is extensive and varied: paleontological collection, archaeological artifacts of local residents, stuffed animals of the Volgograd region. Interior exhibitions visually tell about the life of the Cossack town and local merchants. A separate exposition is devoted to the persistent heroic past of a small rear town during the war years of 1941-1945.

  • In Uryupinsk, you can take touching photos on the «Bench of Lovers», near the monument to the crew of the Kursk submarine, honor the memory of the dead, pray in front of the miraculous icon of the Uryupinskaya Mother of God, cool off from the heat near the musical fountain in summer.

Uryupinsk can surprise, delight, fall in love with many tourists, adventurers, travel lovers, and rightfully become the tourist center of the Russian province.