Europe is a storehouse of interesting places for travel lovers. Here you can find ancient castles, museums, monuments and historical buildings that combine incredible architecture and culture.

Riga, Latvia

Riga is a charming city. Medieval streets, architectural monuments, cathedrals, museums and parks of the Latvian capital attract many tourists every year. The cheapest time to visit Riga is late autumn, winter or early spring.

The big advantage is that some attractions can be viewed for free. To move around the city, you can use buses, trams and trolleybuses.

Athens, Greece

  • This is one of the oldest European cities, which is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. The capital of Greece has an incredible concentration of ancient monuments. Although Athens is a very popular tourist city, the prices here are quite affordable.

There are over 250 museums in Athens, most of which are completely free. The Roman Agora, the Library of Hadrian and the Temple of Zeus can also be viewed from the outside without buying tickets. The flea market in the Monastiraki area sells souvenirs and gifts at good prices.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov is an old Czech town located on the banks of the Vltava River. This city is a museum in itself, because the appearance of its buildings and streets has hardly changed since the 18th century. The most important attraction here is the Český Krumlov Castle, which was built on a rock in the 13th century.

You can walk around the complex for free, but you will have to pay to enter the territory. You can also visit the Church of St. Vitus. This building in the Gothic style appeared here in the 15th century. Everyone can go inside the church and admire its architecture.

Porto, Portugal

  • This is one of the oldest European cities. Here, ancient monuments coexist with modern buildings. In Porto, you can see the colorful houses in the Ribeira area, Liberty Square with a monument to King Pedro IV, the house of music, the gardens of the Crystal Palace and the Clerigos tower.

The cheapest way to visit Porto is during the winter months when the flow of tourists ends. Porto has a well-developed public transport network, and the local trams are an attraction in their own right. Each of the three lines passes through the center of Porto. During such a trip, you can enjoy incredible views of the city.

Bucharest, Romania

  • Bucharest is the capital of Romania and its cultural center, as well as one of the cheapest cities to visit. Its architecture is very diverse, as it uniquely combines old and new buildings. Here, a magnificent historical monument or church can stand next to a glass and steel office building.

Entrance to most of the tourist and cultural sites of the city is free. Here you can visit the Herastrau Park. It has cozy alleys, embankments, fountains, a lake, a museum and many other interesting objects.

Belgrade, Serbia

  • It is the capital of Serbia and also an ancient European city. Here you can visit the Belgrade Fortress with its park and zoo, Tito’s mausoleum and other interesting places. You can listen to talented street musicians and admire the work of local artists in the galleries or on the street in the Skadarlija area.

In hot weather, you can relax and sunbathe on the public beach by the river. Belgrade also offers excellent shopping opportunities. The city has many souvenir shops and flea markets where it is customary to bargain. As a result, you can buy your favorite things at a good price.

Kaunas, Lithuania

  • Kaunas is the cultural capital of Lithuania. There are many natural attractions here. Be sure to visit the Kaunas Botanical Garden with more than seven thousand different plants and the Oak Grove, which is the largest park in Europe. More than three hundred birds and animals live in Kaunas Zoo.

The architecture of Kaunas is also striking in its beauty. Here you can visit the Basilica of the Apostles Peter and Paul, which was built in the Gothic style, as well as the Kaunas Castle and the magnificent building of the Kaunas Town Hall. You need to go to the main street Laisves Alleja to feel the whole atmosphere of the old town. Entrance to many attractions in Kaunas is free.

Argos, Greece

Argos is a city in the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula. This is the place where the Greek civilization was born over 6000 years ago. Ancient sites, proximity to Athens, short distance to beaches, and affordable prices make it a popular tourist destination and one of the cheapest European cities to visit. Argos is literally filled with ancient monuments.

Sofia, Bulgaria

  • The capital of Bulgaria boasts an abundance of parks and squares. Public transport in Sofia is very popular, as here you can save a lot by buying an unlimited pass for several days.

For shopping, head to the Central Covered Market, where you can buy inexpensive souvenirs, cosmetics and rose oil. Mineral beaches are quite popular in the Bulgarian capital. It is allowed to swim here both in natural reservoirs and in thermal springs. Entrance and sunbeds in such places are paid, but the prices are quite affordable.

Budapest, Hungary

  • Budapest is often called the pearl of the Danube. Every street and building in the Hungarian capital is steeped in history, and its incredible architecture draws tourists in. You don’t need a guide here to get to know the city. All sights can be explored on foot.

You can visit Andrássy Avenue, also called the Champs Elysees of Budapest. Here is the Hungarian State Opera House, the House Museum of Terror, the Budapest Puppet Theater and many other interesting objects.

Valletta, Malta

  • Valletta is the smallest European capital. Since its foundation in the 16th century, its architecture has not changed much. The narrow streets and historical monuments of Valletta delight tourists. In total, you can find about 365 different religious buildings here.

Thanks to its compact size, you can walk up and down the city without spending money on travel. All the streets and lanes here intersect only at right angles and eventually lead to the sea.

Valencia, Spain

  • Valencia is a picturesque resort on the Mediterranean coast, which is also included in the list of the most affordable cities in Europe. In addition to the luxurious beaches in Valencia, there are many interesting sights.

Prices here for everything are much lower than in other Spanish resorts. The Bullfighting Museum, the Serranos Gate, the Valencia Cathedral, the Oceanographic Park, the Fallas Museum and the Silk Exchange — this is not the whole list of interesting places to visit in the city.