It is not difficult to name the 10 most popular countries for tourism, you just have to look at the statistics. You can also be guided by the opinions of the tourists themselves.

So, among European countries, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Tunisia, Malta, France, Spain and the Czech Republic enjoy the greatest success. Next, we will tell you why these countries are of particular interest to tourists and why they are so remarkable.

  • So Greece. Every year this country is visited by about one and a half hundred thousand tourists, and even more. Greece includes a couple of thousand islands, each of which is attractive to travelers in its own way.

It is believed that the best beaches in the country are located on the Dodecanese islands and the famous Chalkidiki peninsula, located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. In general, we can talk about this country for a long time, but since we have nine more countries ahead of us, let’s move on.

  • Cyprus. This island has always been considered one of the most luxurious European holiday destinations. Sun, sand, beaches — all this has a special atmosphere that is unique to Cyprus.

The most popular resorts of the island are Ayia Napa, Limassol and Larnaca. It not only offers a wonderful beach holiday, but also a lot of entertainment for lovers of nightlife. So in Cyprus, both old and young will be able to relax at the highest level.

  • Croatia. This country is so attractive in the eyes of tourists due to its unique nature. Moreover, having arrived in Croatia, you have the opportunity to splash in the cleanest European sea — the Adriatic.

This country is simply prescribed by doctors for romantics and newlyweds. The nightlife is not very active here, but there are a lot of unusual beautiful places where just being with your lover or lover is a real pleasure.

  • Italy . The country of spaghetti and pizza, according to the majority of Russians who have never been there. In fact, such a definition is not entirely correct, because in Italy there are much more interesting things than cooking.

Although, of course, those who like to please the taste buds will always be kept in a state of deepest delight by Italian cuisine. Domestic tourists usually visit the country for sightseeing and educational purposes, but its interest does not end there. Italy can be calm and romantic, or it can be filled with a wave of active fun and wild rest. To each, as they say, his own Italy.

  • Turkey. Perhaps, this country has been invariably visited by everyone who loves holidays abroad. Turkey has a lot to offer, from beach activities to incredible nightlife.

Just imagine, at the height of the tourist season in Istanbul, up to ten million people can have fun at the same time at night, and you can be one of them.

  • Tunisia. The popularity of this country among our tourists has increased recently. Be that as it may, Tunisia is full of wonderful beaches, modern hotels and interesting places.

It is believed that holidays in Tunisia by European standards are one of the cheapest. Actually, the popularity of the country is largely due to this.

  • Malta. This country is most popular among Russian youth. There are clubs, and discos, and shopping, and hundreds of different types of outdoor activities.

Perhaps, in no other country in Europe you will find coasts so densely dotted with bars, restaurants and other entertainment-type establishments.

  • France. First of all, the country attracts tourists by the fact that one of the legendary wonders of the world, the Eiffel Tower, is located on its territory.

However, it is worth noting that not only Paris is popular, where, in fact, the tower is located, but also many other French cities, such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and many others. In France, exciting excursions, wonderful shopping, interesting nightlife and much more await you.

  • Spain. The beaches of this country annually attract tens of thousands of tourists from all over the CIS. In Spain, every tourist will find entertainment for himself, because here, in addition to the beaches, there are still a lot of interesting things.

What is only one of the brightest party places in the world — Ibiza. It would be possible to include a visit to Spain in the school curriculum, but holidays in this country cannot yet be called cheap for Russians.

  • Czech Republic. A country of complete legalization and unusually beautiful architecture. It will be fun for both lovers of cultural sightseeing and educational recreation, and connoisseurs of reckless life.