We usually associate vacation with summer, warmth and sun. However, not everyone has the opportunity to relax in the summer, and besides, you can provide yourself with an excellent vacation in the winter. The winter Czech Republic is especially glad to tourists.

Rest in the Czech Republic at this time is an opportunity not only to get to know this country better, but also to celebrate traditional winter holidays with the Czechs. The Czechs know how to do it with a special taste.

Buying tours to the Czech Republic at the end of December means getting to real European Christmas Eve and Christmas.

  • Christmas Eve falls on December 24th. This evening, the main dish on the tables of all Czechs is a large fried carp with potato salad.
  • Those who managed to taste this dish say that no one cooks carp better than the Czechs. Each city has its own customs on how to spend the evening before Christmas.
  • For example, families from Prague visit the banks of the Vltava River before dinner.
  • Live carps are sold there at this time, but you can buy them not to be cooked with potatoes, but to be released into the wild. Such a good deed, with which you can cleanse the soul before the great holiday.

On December 25, Czechs tirelessly have fun and eat a goose with apples.

  • The Czech Republic celebrates the New Year in a peculiar way, the eve of which in this country coincides with the day of St. Sylvester, and the first day of the new year — with the Day of Renewal of the Czech Statehood.
  • On this day, the Czechs watch the traditional New Year’s film by Alexander Row «Morozko», listen to the congratulations of their president. He delivers his speech not at midnight, as we do, but at one in the afternoon on January 1st.
  • Guests of the country who decide to spend their holidays in the Czech Republic at this time are treated to traditional Czech New Year’s dishes: carp with apples and horseradish and lentils cooked in a special way.
  • Poultry dishes are not served at the New Year’s table so that happiness does not fly away from home.
  • Noisily the Czech Republic celebrates Maslenitsa, which begins after January 6 and continues until the Easter fast. This week, the Czechs eat deliciously and have fun, gaining strength and good mood for the year ahead.
  • The signature dishes that the whole Czech Republic cooks during this period are pork with dumplings, dumplings and cabbage, duck, Czech sausages and donuts, an analogue of our pancakes. Drinks include beer and slivovitz. At the end of Maslenitsa comes Masopust.
  • This period is accompanied by carnivals and balls in concert halls, palaces, schools of the Czech Republic.

At this time, women have the opportunity to dress up in a real ball gown, and men can put on a tailcoat and waltz all night.