The fame of the best resort on the Black Sea coast has long been entrenched in the resort of Sochi. All year round Sochi hospitably welcomes tourists from all cities of the country and even foreigners. The city develops, equips itself and becomes more beautiful every season.

Often in discussions on forums, in transport or on the street, you can hear the phrase, but what is there to do in Sochi in winter? We assure you that in winter Sochi is no less attractive and interesting than in summer.

Of course, Sochi enjoys the greatest popularity in the summer, but even during the so-called off-season, the city does not cease to be popular, as before, hundreds of tourists are happy to relax by the sea, enjoy the sights, breathe the purest mountain-sea air and admire the fantastic sunsets in warm, good money (fortunately, most of them are in Sochi in winter). And some daredevils even swim!

And is it worth talking about the fantastic beauty and amazing power of winter storms in Sochi. They frighten and fascinate at the same time, repel and beckon with unexploredness and strength. You can spend hours watching the amazing game of millions of drops flying from the waves that crashed on the shore …

On rare days of snowy bad weather, the city in a matter of minutes dresses in a snow-white robe, hiding sprawling southern palm trees, slender cypresses, graceful willows in ice clothes …

At the same time, there are no very low temperatures in the city; wearing a light jacket and boots, you can walk around the city for hours, enjoying its beauties. And there are a huge number of them here … Only the central seaside embankment and the parks and buildings adjacent to it, what do they mean ?!

Having studied the city center, tourists boldly set off to look for new impressions at the observation tower of Mount Akhun, at the Adler Aquarium, at the Krasnaya Polyana Trout Farm …

There are plenty of natural monuments and educational and entertainment places in Sochi that are open all year round. In addition, the Winter Theatre, Organ Hall, museums and various clubs of the city are always ready to invite guests to an interesting performance or concert.

  • And finally, in winter in Sochi and Adler, prices for accommodation are significantly reduced. Luxurious rooms in modern hotels or long-term vouchers with food and treatment in a sanatorium will cost quite inexpensively, and the money saved will allow you to buy amazing souvenirs and fruits for your relatives in Sochi.

We hope that we have convinced you of the attractiveness of Sochi for a winter holiday. We invite you to check it out for yourself.