When winter lasts a very long time, you want to change the situation and escape into the summer. That is why many people prefer to spend their winter holidays on hot beaches or walking along the sea coast, inhaling the salty air.

In winter, you can go to the sea without a visa to Abkhazia. Rest in this country has several undeniable advantages.

Is it worth it to go to Abkhazia in winter?

The answer to this question is clearly in the affirmative. As such, it is difficult to find the disadvantages of winter holidays in this republic, but the advantages are obvious:

— Warm weather throughout the winter months. The average temperature is around 10°, on hot days the air can warm up to 18°. However, there are nuances: in January it is the coolest here and the cold wind can spoil the mood.
— There is no snow in Abkhazia — only in mountainous areas.
— The landscape looks bewitching: even in January, Abkhazia is surrounded by greenery.

Spring is already felt in February. You can catch the bloom of mimosa.
— The flow of tourists is declining, prices are falling, visiting excursions becomes free.
— Plenty of fresh fish and fruits.

Of the minuses, one can only name that it will not be possible to swim in the sea. But on the other hand, you can walk a lot along the deserted, sun-drenched beaches.

Abkhazia in winter: which resorts to choose?

— Gagra. Rest in this town will be truly wellness. Gagra is famous for its eucalyptus alley. The air, saturated with the smell of eucalyptus, has an inhaling effect.

However, there are also many coniferous plants. Gagra hotels welcome guests all year round, in winter there are many free rooms — there will be no difficulties with settling.

— New Athos. This place is interesting in terms of historical sights.

You can freely walk around the surroundings of the New Athos Monastery, admire the beauty of the waterfall on the Psyrtsha River.

One of the most interesting places is the Temple of Simon the Canonite made of white stone and a grotto, located in a picturesque place.

— Kyndyg thermal spring. This is a place that you should definitely include in your winter travel plan in Abkhazia. The village of Kyndyg is located 30 km. from Sukhumi.

The source itself is a small lake, over which steam swirls — here the water temperature reaches 100 degrees. On the territory there are several pools with water of different temperatures.

There are also several gutters that create a hydromassage effect. Those who wish can take a mud bath. Tourists who have visited the Kyndyg thermal spring note that the body is incredibly relaxed after the pools, and the skin is rejuvenated.

Rest in Abkhazia in winter is an opportunity to take a walk in solitude, enjoy the beauty of nature, improve your health, thanks to the clean sea air.