When vacation time comes, people think about holidays abroad. Many people want to spend their vacation outside of Russia, but not everyone can afford such a vacation. In this article we will talk about the cheapest countries in which Russian tourists have a rest.

The cost of the trip primarily depends on the distance of the resort. As a rule, 75% of the tour is the cost of the flight, the farther the country, the more expensive the tour will cost. Seasonality also affects the cost, if there is a large influx of tourists, then the prices for tours and all entertainment take off.

Accommodation also affects the price. The location of the hotel, the distance to the beach, the stars of the hotel, the system of recreation in the hotel — all this directly relates to the price of the tour. Additional expenses are obtaining a visa in the country.


Russian tourists do not need a visa to visit Georgia. Traveling to Georgia is considered one of the cheapest tours. You can fly here with a tour, or come by car and rent a hotel on your own.

Here you can taste national dishes, drink wine, which is very much appreciated in this country. So enjoy nature, go to the mountains, see beautiful landscapes and swim in the sea.


Montenegro is almost the only country in Europe where Russian tourists can get without a Schengen visa, although it is located in the center of Europe. Russians are treated well here, many understand Russian.

In Montenegro, you swim in the Adriatic Sea, and a long sunny summer awaits you. Also enjoy beautiful places, coves, museums and high mountains.

You need a visa to enter India

In this country, you swim in the Indian Ocean and sunbathe on the sandy beach. Here you can eat very cheaply and buy cheap souvenirs.

In India, you can see cows everywhere, because this animal is sacred to them. Get to know the unique culture and enjoy their cuisine. In the evenings on the beach, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Be sure to try tea from Bengal and Ceylon in this country.

Turkey is the most popular resort for Russian tourists

  • You don’t need a visa to visit this country. As a rule, people go on vacation to Turkey on a tour and choose a good all-inclusive hotel.

They spend a lot of time in hotels and on the sea, where you can use the services of hotels around the clock.

Also in Turkey, you can spend an active holiday, get acquainted with the sights of the country. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit here. Tourists who love shopping and bazaars will be pleased, as there are a lot of shops and bazaars where you can buy whatever you want.

To relax in Bulgaria, Russian tourists will need to get a visa

In Bulgaria, tourists swim in the Black Sea and enjoy the color. Here you can find places where you can get tasty food and drink for cheap. Bulgaria has very beautiful sights that you need to see and learn about their history.

  • In this country, Russian tourists are well treated and many understand the Russian language, so there will be no difficulties in communicating with the locals. It is best to travel to Bulgaria in the summer season, as the air temperature is the warmest and the sea is comfortable.

If you want to travel abroad and not spend a lot of money, consider these 5 countries. Holidays are different everywhere, choose the one that suits you and then you will not regret visiting another country.