Sunny warm air begins to seep into the windows, and one of the first thoughts about the upcoming summer vacation is immediately born. What attracts you the most in summer? Of course, the sea!

Where to relax in the summer of 2023 in Russia at sea and inexpensively — today’s Russians are wondering. Yes, you can, of course, go outside the country. But is it worth spending huge sums on unknown (or already familiar) overseas resorts, if the homeland can offer options no worse, sometimes more interesting and more profitable than those there.

How to save?

  • Saving and calculating your budget is a feature of a real owner, a prudent person. Therefore, it is absolutely not worth being embarrassed at the thought of where and how to pay cheaper.

You can save on travel by choosing a cheaper means of transportation, accommodation options ranging from a hotel room to a campsite, a private room or your own tent, and even a place to stay — it’s no secret that every city and region can be found as expensive, as well as budget options for recreation.

Let’s go to the Sea of ​​Azov

Today, the demand for holidays by the sea gives impetus to the development of resort complexes, which used to be small lost villages.

  • The most popular resorts are Yeysk and Taman. The legendary Taman has a wild coast washed by the Black Sea waters.
  • There is healing mud, and children and young people will enjoy entertainment that is not very affordable: amusement park, diving, windsurfing, parachuting. Yeysk is also an inexpensive resort designed for families and youth.

Here it is possible, without spending large sums, to rent an apartment, organize meals in pizzerias, small cafes, pancake shops and even canteens. Among the entertainments are a dolphinarium, a cinema, a water park, and at night club life.

Coast of the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory

The private sector belongs to the most inexpensive vacation option on the Black Sea. There are also many recreation centers, guest houses, hostels where you can stay, paying a little less than for a hotel room. The cost depends on the distance from the coast and living conditions.

  • Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse and Lazarevskoye are considered the most acceptable for budget holidays.

In Anapa, they rest in such villages as Dzhemete, the villages of Vityazevo, Bimlyuk and Blagoveshchenskaya. There you can soak up the sandy or pebble beaches, improve your health on the mud, in therapeutic baths, healing springs.

Gelendzhik is located next to the mountain range with a resort beach area stretching for more than 100 kilometers along the Black Sea. There are quite reasonable prices for food and accommodation. Among other entertainment standard for coastal areas, there are 3 more water parks.

  • Tuapse is rich in excursions due to its natural landscape, which includes mountains, canyons and waterfalls. It will be good luck to rent a house near the coastal strip somewhat remote from the city center (with its chemical fertilizer plant). About three hundred sanatoriums, many summer camps for children and entertainments corresponding to the sea zone have been built here.

The low cost of housing attracts tourists to the small town of Lazarevskoye. Small summer buildings are located right on the shore, and the owners will be happy to offer rooms for a low fee, where you can also arrange meals that are cooked right there on the installed stove on their own or by the owners by prior arrangement.


  • Without a vacation spent in the Crimea, many consider the summer to be a failure. Here, tanning on the coast can be perfectly combined with fascinating excursions in the mountains and places covered with the legends of the Crimea.
  • The most famous for vacationers are the cities: Evpatoria, Sudak, Yalta, Koktebel, Foros.
  • These are quite large cities, but there are also small, not so popular villages by the sea, where there are car parks with tents for those who want to not only save money, but also completely immerse themselves in the nature of the peninsula.

Beaches, sanatoriums, clinics, hotels, recreation centers, apartments for rent — the choice is up to each individual.