Alushta is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Here you can not only sunbathe and swim in the warm sea, but also see historical sights, picturesque corners, visit entertainment places of the city.

What to see in Alushta?

In the resort town, you can visit holy places, go on a city walk through the main sights and natural landmarks.

5 interesting sights of Alushta:

– The embankment of the city, where you can admire the Black Sea and sculptures, go shopping, buy souvenirs, have a bite to eat in cafes and restaurants, sing karaoke and dance in discos.

– The Valley of Ghosts is an amazing accumulation of figures made of stones created by nature. The legendary film «Prisoner of the Caucasus» was filmed here.

— The palace of Princess Gagarina was built in 1907 by the widow Anastasia in memory of her deceased husband. Today, the Utes sanatorium is located in the building.

Everyone can visit the temple in the name of all the Crimean saints.

— Park «Crimea in miniature» is located on Gorky Street. The outdoor museum presents expositions of the main sights of the Crimea on a scale of 1:25.

Vacationers should make their own tourist map of places that they would like to visit.

Resort entertainment

  • Fans of outdoor activities should look for water equipment rentals on the central and southern beaches of Alushta. Here you can go jet skiing, surfing and diving. On the shore it is possible to rent a boat or a yacht for boat trips and fishing.
  • Jeeping is suitable for extreme recreation. Traveling through the picturesque wild places of the resort in jeeps will leave positive emotions from your vacation.
  • For a more calm and measured view of the nature of Alushta, a horseback ride is suitable.
  • On the territory of the resort area there is a winery «Alushta», which produces cognac and wine. During the tour, tourists will be told how the process of creating drinks goes and invited to a tasting of local wines.
  • In the center of Alushta there is a dolphinarium «Aquarelle». Here adults and children will be able to see the show with the participation of marine animals. After the performance, those wishing to take pictures with the artists can do so. For children with various diseases, there is a dolphin therapy service.
  • In the Almond Grove complex, vacationers can visit the water park with many attractions, a gym, a sauna and a bathhouse, and massage rooms. In the Alushta Oceanarium, visitors will see different types of marine life.

Alushta is a resort where vacationers of any age will find where to go and what to see. The city and its surroundings will leave a lot of positive emotions for their guests.