Kazakhstan is a relatively free country with few strict prohibitions. However, some restrictions still exist, and those who are going to visit a neighboring state need to know them.

How does the country live, what does it not like, and how does it treat those who come to visit or even stay for a long time?

Live without registration for more than 30 days

A common misconception among Russians is a free, unlimited time stay in Kazakhstan. Guesses are based on the fact that countries cooperate with each other and have membership in a single association called the EAEU.

  • However, it is only partially similar in form to the European Union. Residents of the Russian Federation really do not need a passport or visa to get into a neighboring Asian country. But from the second month of your stay, you will have to visit the migration service in order to obtain permission.

Reasons — hotel accommodation and apartment rental, that is, it is important to register at the place of residence. But no more than 60 next days: after 90 days you will have to leave the country or apply for a residence permit. Otherwise, the stay becomes illegal, and there are risks of expulsion from the country.

Don’t take on the costs

If you plan to meet a local girl, then in a cafe or restaurant you need to adhere to a long-standing Kazakh tradition — to pay for a companion. The proposal to split the bill in half will cause a storm of negative emotions.


The cities of Kazakhstan are among the most well-groomed in the world, and local authorities do everything to keep the streets tidy. Almaty spends more than 150 million tenge only on the maintenance of the bins, and if you throw garbage past the container, then there is a risk of getting a caustic remark from passers-by.

Keep pets without registration

From October 1, 2023, every owner of a dog or cat must register their pets. It is necessary to draw up documents even for selected animals, and citizens who have lived in Kazakhstan for a long time or have a residence permit are also required to comply with the law.

harm animals

Innovations are designed to protect our smaller brothers — all homeless animals are given for sterilization. Shooting is forbidden, but it is allowed to kill incurable and dangerous dogs.

Refer to «you» to a stranger

If you need to address strangers, then you should use the polite form — «you». This rule is observed when communicating with any person — older, younger or their own age.

Don’t respect elders

They are even more strict about how a person talks to people of advanced age. Only “you” and an extremely respectful tone are the requirements of the “ulken-kishi” (senior / junior) principle.

  • Even in communication with parents, and even more so with grandparents, children often do not use the appeal to “you”.

Refuse food

Kazakhs are hospitable, so they are offended if the guest did not agree to sit down at the table. Even a polite «no» is perceived as a rude refusal, which will definitely create problems in communication.

If you don’t feel like eating, then you should at least for decency eat a few snacks (even a couple of sweets). But do it courteously, not on the go or standing, but sitting at the table.

The origins of cultural habits go back to the traditions of hospitality: if a guest comes to the house, then from the treats he gets all the most delicious. The rules should be followed outside the house, so as not to seem like a black sheep. In any place where there are acquaintances or relatives nearby, eating alone is also considered bad form — it is worth offering to treat others.

Use cracked dishes

There is an unusual sign among the locals — if you drink and eat from damaged cups and plates, then the guardian angel may be offended.

  • It is believed that «spoiled» utensils are used by demons who allegedly secretly eat from such dishes while the owners are absent. Having treated a Kazakh with a dish with a «demonic» serving, a person should not be surprised at all by the refusal.

Set the table without a swing

  • It is customary to celebrate holidays in Kazakhstan without European modesty. Birthday, anniversary, expensive purchase — the reason is not so important, but the priority is the «wrapper», atmosphere, attitude.

Pomp, solemnity and generosity are often sung in Kazakh culture, so saving on holidays will be more expensive for yourself. Those invited will definitely have an unpleasant aftertaste in their souls, and with such an attitude it will be difficult to integrate into a new society.