Visiting Voronezh in one day is an exciting activity that improves your mood from exploring the many sights. The number of bright and interesting places can intrigue with dozens of museums and restaurants, hundreds of entertainment venues and excellent shops.

Attributes and images of the city can be seen on many business cards and booklets, even on labels and invitations. A lively, rhythmic and multifaceted metropolis is developing and occupies a very worthy place among Russian tourist cities.

A well-respected landmark

Admiralteyskaya Square can only be assessed as a popular landmark, symbolizing the uniqueness and historical significance of the city.

The magnificent square is located near the Voronezh reservoir and may surprise you with the number of events, parades and solemn celebrations held on it, dedicated not only to music, New Year’s fun, but also to military prowess and the might of Russia. Here you can see a lot of young people, students and passers-by just walking along the beautiful buildings.

The square is decorated with beautiful architectural structures and monuments, including the Assumption Admiralty Cathedral, which is unusually delightful with its solemn architectural performance.

  • On the square stands the Rostral Column, about thirty meters high, crowned with a spire in the form of an anchor and so vividly symbolizing the power of the Russian fleet.

The square invites you with a solemn entrance — a triumphal triple arcade, decorated on the sides with adjoining marble columns.

Sights of Voronezh

Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation

• The Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation with its four-tiered bell tower impresses with its beautiful architectural design, typical of the newest designs consecrated in recent decades.

The majestic building in the Russian-Byzantine style looks very solemn from the side, it is included in the list of the largest buildings, it amazes with the width of the white stone facades and the height of the main dome topped with a cross.

• A charming monument on a pedestal — the frigate Mercury , solemnly decorating the Voronezh reservoir and created in full size.

In the past, Russia could be proud of the development of shipbuilding, and on the banks of the Voronezh River, the creation of warships of the Ramon Shipyard began, which brought extraordinary glory to the fleet on the Sea of ​​Azov.

You can see a frigate with cannons during boat trips on motor ships.

• Voronezh parks and squares are forever remembered by visiting guests of the city, and city dwellers like to spend their free time outdoors with their families.

Beautiful recreation areas are great for family, friendly and romantic walks, and many sports, children’s and entertainment areas guarantee a fun pastime.

Voronezh Park is amazing with its vast territory and boasts an excellent fountain, a cozy cafe and even a theater.

The Victory Park with attractions and sports complexes ranks first in terms of grooming and cleanliness.

Many amenities for recreation and entertainment have been created here: beautiful lighting, neat alleys, many benches and playgrounds.

The abundance of beautiful buildings, monuments and sculptural masterpieces is a feature of a stunning city that is of great interest to tourists.

Ancient Voronezh is distinguished by a peculiar charm that combines modernity and culture. The abundance of theaters, museums, monumental and sculptural statues characterizes the high level of cultural life that has been going on here since Soviet times.