In order for a trip to Madrid to be successful and leave a lot of pleasant impressions, a tourist needs to know about some features of the mentality, the customs of this city, the rules of conduct in public places, and most importantly, what is strictly forbidden to do here.

Do not come to meetings with local residents on time

A tourist needs to forget about punctuality in Spain completely. You can safely be late for a meeting for 15-20 minutes and not worry, you will still be the first.

It is considered bad manners to come to visit Madrid on time. Hurrying to the appointed time, you run the risk of catching only irritated hosts who did not have time to prepare for the reception.

Do not get involved in quarrels and conflicts of local residents

If a love or family drama has played out on the streets of Madrid, tactfully bypass the quarreling people. Do not stare at them, otherwise you risk being extreme.

  • Also, never approach a crying baby. Here it is regarded as an attempted kidnapping. In both the first and second cases, there is a risk of getting into the police station.

Don’t go to nightclubs before midnight

The lifestyle of Madrid is a vivid example of the life of the whole of Spain. Many Spaniards have dinner at 22.00 and then go to the evening entertainment. And they do it with the whole family, including the elderly and babies.

  • Try not to be too surprised by this. In nightclubs, the main fun begins after midnight, although they open at 23.00. Therefore, if you come straight to the opening, you run the risk of sitting alone for several hours.

Do not try to have breakfast in a cafe in the morning

Breakfast in Spain is accepted after 11.00. Therefore, it is simply impossible to find a working decent cafe in the early morning.

  • At this time, you can only “feast on” in the network fast food, where the quality of food leaves much to be desired. Another disadvantage of such establishments is their inconvenient location, usually they are located on the outskirts of the city.

Try not to be a tourist

This primarily applies to visits to cafes and restaurants. Spanish laws do not prohibit such establishments from having a «double menu».

  • For tourists, there is a menu with inflated prices. Therefore, it is worth playing it safe by entering the cafe, say hello loudly to the staff in Spanish.

Don’t skimp on hotels

As in any other cities in Europe, cheap hotels in Madrid are located on the outskirts of the city. Being in such quarters is not only dangerous, but also unpleasant.

  • For example, in the controversial quarter of Chueca, same-sex couples live. Not every tourist will like such a neighborhood. But hotels and hotels here are cheap even in the hottest tourist season.

Don’t go to Madrid in summer

And most importantly, do not visit the capital of Spain during the hottest months. Postpone your trip to Madrid for autumn or spring, because in summer you will find yourself in the stone jungle, where the temperature rises to +50… +55°C, and it will not be a pleasant vacation, but a real test.

  • It is better to spend a summer vacation on the coast of Spain, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

You should prepare in advance by studying the customs and traditions of the Spanish capital, and then a trip to Madrid will be an unforgettable trip full of pleasant impressions.