The center of Frankfurt in the middle of the last century lay in ruins. Over the decades, the city has been painstakingly restored to its former atmosphere and charm.

Here, modern quarters with glass skyscrapers coexist with old quarters filled with fabulous buildings.

Old opera house

This is a former opera house, which hosts about 460 events every year. Here you can see music concerts of different genres, entertainment and educational programs for children and adults, conferences and master classes.

The construction of the Frankfurt Opera lasted from 1873 to 1880. During the war, the building was badly damaged. The restoration took almost 40 years. The renovated theater opened in 1981.

main tower

It is the fourth tallest skyscraper in Frankfurt and Germany. Outside, the building consists of two interconnected towers — rectangular and round. In the lobby, visitors are welcomed by a video installation and a mosaic wall.

  • From the roof of the skyscraper you can see the whole city.
  • This is the highest observation deck in Frankfurt.
  • On the 53rd floor of the tower, there is a restaurant where you can also enjoy city views accompanied by gourmet cuisine.


  • It is one of the three botanical gardens in Frankfurt and contains 13,000 plant species. It was opened in 1871. Exhibitions, tours and concerts are regularly held here.
  • Numerous species of flora in the warm season attract butterflies, including rare species.

The main attraction of the garden is the Palm House, which opened a year and a half before the foundation of the park. This stunning glass and steel building is home to exotic palm trees and other tropical plants.


This is a covered market in the city center with over 150 stalls. Every day, except Sunday, here you can buy the freshest vegetables, fruits, greens, meat, seafood, desserts, sausages, cheeses and the famous Frankfurt green sauce.

The Kleinmarkthalle has shops selling Turkish, Spanish and Italian cuisine. This is a great place to grab a bite to eat while walking around the city.

Goethe’s house

  • This house-museum is dedicated to the famous writer and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It was here that the author of Faust was born and raised in the middle of the 18th century. Here you can see how the famous writer lived.

At the end of the 19th century, the house was first opened to the public as a monument to the author. Everything was, unfortunately, destroyed during the war. A fairly accurate reconstruction of the Goethe House Museum with restored interiors was completed in 1951.

Eschenheim Tower

  • Eschenheim is a tower 47 meters high. It was built in 1400-1428 in the late Gothic style as a city gate. People lived inside this tower until 1956.

There is now a restaurant on the ground floor, and solemn events are celebrated in the fireplace hall. The Eschenheim Tower is the oldest building in the center of Frankfurt that has retained its original appearance and was not damaged by bombing during the war.

frankfurt zoo

This is one of the largest zoological centers in Germany. More than 4500 animals can be found here. Lions, tigers, monkeys, kangaroos, rhinos, hippos, flamingos, seals, penguins, giraffes, meerkats, zebras and camels live here.

The zoo also has a pavilion with nocturnal animals, where darkness reigns even on the clearest day.


  • Mainkai — embankment of the river Main. On both sides you can find park areas that are pleasant to walk around. During the warmer months, people have picnics on the Mainkai lawns, and after sunset, Frankfurters like to sit here with a glass of beer.

Numerous skyscrapers are visible from the south coast. Eiserner Steg also stands on the embankment. This is a footbridge that was built in 1868. From here you have one of the most recognizable views of Frankfurt.

Gallery Schirn Kunsthalle

This is an art gallery located in the Altstadt district, between the town hall and Frankfurt Cathedral. It was opened in 1986. The gallery consists of several sandstone buildings.

  • There are no permanent exhibitions here, only temporary ones. The gallery presents works by both classics and contemporary artists.

Batman Park

  • Betman is a green park in the city center. The park has a Chinese garden with pagodas, artificial lakes with floating fish, and graceful bridges. Stone dragons guard its entrance.

This place is filled with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, which makes it a great place to relax.