Of course, it’s nice to arrange a little trip for yourself, without having to take a vacation. Tours to Egypt are the best option, which is why many Russian tourists go there for the November holidays.

– tours to Egypt for the November holidays can be bought at least one day before departure

– you don’t need a visa to Egypt, you don’t need to run around with documents and arrange everything

– fly only 4, 5 hours, which means that even if you take a tour for 3-4 days, you will be able to fully relax

– additional planes are specially raised to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh for the November holidays. Thus, about 10 flights take off every day. Tourists can choose the flight time and airport of departure

– many hotels in Egypt operate on an all-inclusive basis, so there are no additional expenses on the spot. 5 meals a day and drinks, including alcohol, are included in the price.

Of course, these are peak dates, such as New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve tours, so don’t expect very cheap prices as demand dictates supply. If you want absolutely cheap, then get out to Egypt right after November 7th, always very cheap races.

— in Egypt for the November holidays, the weather is excellent, the winds that occur in winter have not yet begun. You can safely go. It is especially warm in Sharm El Sheikh, there are many hotels in cozy small bays. By the way, pay attention to hotels with heated pools, they can come in handy in the evenings.

November holidays often coincide with children’s holidays. Tours for children’s holidays. Hotels for children’s recreation, water parks. For children and teenagers there is a sea of ​​simple excursions that will bring them joy.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, then there are quite a lot of such hotels in Egypt, where nothing will embarrass your enjoyment of the sea and the sun. We will not have a lot of people and intrusive animation.