Like any other country, Vietnam has its own culture and traditions, features and weaknesses. Therefore, before setting off, a tourist needs to familiarize himself not only with the sights, hotels and beaches, but also with the elementary rules of conduct.

1. You can not walk in revealing outfits

On the streets you will not meet locals who wear short shorts or a dress with a huge neckline. Showing respect for the Vietnamese, you should dress more discreetly and wear closed-type clothing.

2. Don’t drink tap water

You can use only bottled water, corked in a reliable factory way. Otherwise, you risk catching an upset gastrointestinal tract. For the same reason, you should only wash your face and brush your teeth with boiled water.

If you order a cocktail, don’t forget to add the phrase «No ice» (many local cafes use ice from running water).

3. Some things cannot be taken out of the country

We are talking about weapons, stuffed turtles, animal bones, cultural (historical) values. Pay special attention to the ban on exporting local currency outside Vietnam. Tourists will also not be allowed to take with them more than one and a half liters of hard liquor.

4. You can not visit Buddhist temples in open clothes

The temple «dress code» in this state is harsh. Slates, swimwear, short shorts you can demonstrate only on the beach. When entering the temple, visitors must take off their shoes, and women additionally cover their heads and shoulders with a scarf.

5. You can not show excessive emotionality

The mentality of the Vietnamese is imbued with peace and tranquility. Do not break this atmosphere even in a sincere outburst of good feelings.

Do not touch the locals, they may take it as an insult. Waving your hand as a sign of farewell is also not accepted here (such a gesture is considered indecent). During the greeting, the hand is not given.

6. No noise with chopsticks

The Vietnamese do not like it if someone uses chopsticks for other than their intended purpose. Therefore, if you decide to practice drumming using sticks while sitting in a cafe … do not be surprised at the indignation that you can cause among the locals.

7. You can not leave things unattended

This universal rule works well in Vietnam as well. The locals are friendly, but no one is safe from thieves. Take care of your belongings and documents, do not be gullible to strangers. Here, as in other countries, there are enough scammers.