Simferopol is the capital of Crimea, this city with a rich history has the same mild climate as the entire peninsula. Landscapes of nature and architecture create an incredible visual delight.

One of the ancient sights of Simferopol is the Karaite Kenesa.

Karaite kenassa

The Karaite kenassa is a construction of the Karaites, an ancient nation inhabiting the Crimea. The religion that they profess has some similarities with Judaism, but there are also some peculiarities.

  • The building is small in size, light shades, combines the style of the East and Byzantium, there are also Gothic elements.
  • Construction began in 1889 and ended in 1896. In the twentieth century, the building was either opened or closed, the facade and interior were in a deplorable state, but in 1979 the kenassa received the status of an architectural monument. At the moment, the house of prayers has been resumed, as well as religious services.

The Karaim kenassa is a unique historical monument, which is a must-see for all guests of the beautiful city of Simferopol.

children’s park

  • If you are planning to visit Simferopol with children, then you should pay attention to the «children’s park». It was founded in 1958. During the Soviet period, in its place was a palace of pioneers, attractions for children, a zoo and even a swimming pool.

Since the 1990s, the park has been abandoned, but restoration work began in 2011. Now the park continues to develop, on its territory there is a Ferris wheel and other attractions, an aquarium, a terrarium, a mini zoo, as well as a children’s observatory.

Simferopol reservoir

  • Nature lovers, of course, also have something to see in Simferopol. The Simferopol Reservoir was built to supply water to the city and its environs in the 1950s.

Today, this is one of the largest artificial reservoirs in Simferopol, which in our time performs its original functions.

There is a nature protection zone around the reservoir, there is no infrastructure for recreation on the shore, but this is where the beauty lies, there is an opportunity to observe nature, breathe fresh air and go fishing.

However, fishing enthusiasts should find out in advance about the possibility of pursuing their hobby, as fishing is prohibited out of season.