There are many amazing places on the territory of Russia that attract travelers with their pristine nature and architecture. But there are areas that are notorious.

Locals bypass them, and lovers of secrets and mystics from all over the world come here in search of the unknown.

Triangle of Molebs

Scientists call the small village of Molebki, located on the banks of the Sylva River in the Perm Territory, the younger brother of the famous Bermuda Triangle.


Eyewitnesses claim that a UFO landed in the Moleb Triangle, and they saw huge black creatures with luminous heads. People still hear strange sounds, and travelers claim to have made contact with aliens.

City of dead

North Ossetia attracts tourists not only with its natural beauties, but also with mysterious corners that are shrouded in legends and tales. Near the village of Dargavs, on a high hill, there are stone towers that served as a necropolis many centuries ago. There are so many burial places here that they resemble an entire city.

Solovetsky Islands

Solovki attract travelers from all over the world with its picturesque mystical land, covered with secrets and energy. It is here that winding labyrinths are located, which consist of stones and plants. They say that the souls of the dead wander in them, who cannot get out into the world of the living.

Secret bunker

  • Kapustin Yar is famous for its military training ground, the history of which began immediately after the Second World War. A huge territory was allocated for testing, where many rocket launches were carried out for many decades.

Over time, the landfill began to acquire secrets and legends, and the bunker located under the object is called the most secret place on the planet. All buildings, including the railway, are placed underground.

Ancient Arkaim

In the Chelyabinsk region there is an ancient settlement — the City of the Sun, which appeared several millennia ago. Stone pyramids, temples, residential and outbuildings are perfectly preserved and have survived to this day. Tourists note that, being here, they feel the strongest radio waves that affect health.


The natural Pechoro-Ilychsky reserve is famous throughout the country, and its main attraction, the Pillars of Weathering, is considered a miracle of Russia. Local residents say that the Gods turned their brothers into stone blocks, with whom they entered into an uncompromising struggle.

Valley of Ghosts

On Mount Demerdzhi there is the famous Crimean Valley, created as a result of washing out and weathering of rocks. In summer, you can see mirages there that look like ghosts. And in winter, the stone outlines are immersed in fog, and it seems that they are moving.

Kashkulak cave

In the dense forests of Khakassia, in the picturesque highlands of Kuznetsk Alat, there is an ancient cave, which the locals call the home of the Black Devil. Shamans and sorcerers perform their magical rites here, and traces of sacrificial fires can still be found on the stone floor.

  • When an ordinary person finds himself in deadly places, he is seized by panic. And adventurers are looking for gates to another world, ancient ruins and temples, ghostly villages inhabited by angry spirits