If you look at the map of Switzerland, almost in the center you can find a mountain peak called the Jungfrau with a height of 4,158 m.

There are many such heights in the Alps, but the Jungfrau has one indisputable advantage: you do not need to be a climber and climbers to reach its peak, it is enough to buy a train ticket to the Jungfraujoch station — «Top of Europe», which is located in close proximity to the Jungfrau peak at a height 3454 m, get into a comfortable car and enjoy the ascent!

Everything is exactly like that! A trip to the Top of Europe station is a separate attraction of original Switzerland, which is definitely worth paying attention to.

Comfortable in the mountains

The train ride starts from Lauterbrunnen station, which can be reached by car or train from Interlaken city station.

A narrow-gauge train with an additional cog track climbs slowly and steeply to the Kleine-Scheidegg station, passing two intermediate stations. First station Wengen.

There are chic and expensive hotels and the ski slope of the same name, which is part of the Alpine Skiing World Cup program. The second is Lauberhorn, also a ski resort.

All the way from the windows of the car you can observe alpine mountain landscapes, azure mountain glaciers and approach the snow-white cap of the Jungfrau mountain.

As soon as you get to the Kleine Scheidegg station, located at an altitude of 2061 m, you will have to transfer to the train. Enough time to transfer. You can have time to go to a gift shop or have a cup of strong coffee in a local cafe.

Many tourists stay in the fresh air and breathe clean mountain air, enchanted by the landscapes of the Alpine gorge valley on the one hand and the majesty of the mountains on the other.

  • The train to the final station Jungfraujoch — «Top of Europe» consists of four or three red cars and is very comfortable. Almost always, and this is 40-50 minutes, the train will climb into the mountain tunnel, making three five-minute stops.
  • The first of them — the Eigergletcher station (altitude 2320 m.) — will be able to please with a view of the Eiger glacier. The second, Eigerwand, and the third, Eismeer, are stations inside the mountain with convenient viewing platforms, with special glazed windows carved into the rock, from where you can see Mount Mnch (4099 m) and the slopes of the Eiger (3970 m). ) opens.

On top of Europe

Finally, having reached the Jungfraujoch — the «Top of Europe», tourists head to the observation deck. In fine weather, the view is immediately pacified by the majesty of the Alpine mountains and directly from the top of the Jungfrau.

People enjoy the scenery of the largest glacier in the Alps, Aletscha, for a long time. The length is 23.6 km. Everyone feels a slight intoxication — this is the effect of rarefied air. Here, dog sleds will cheer up tired tourists, and ice sculptures will add a photographic note to aesthetes.

  • The way back will not be tiring. After all, already from the Kleine-Scheidegg station, you can choose a route other than climbing — bypassing the mountain station Grindelwald, on the way to which mountain and forest landscapes will sparkle with new colors.

And the colorful traditional Swiss houses will attract the eyes of tourists and ask for a camera in the frame.