Stockholm is a cozy city in Sweden, located on fourteen islands in the strait, which unites the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren.

  • All these fourteen islands are connected by bridges. Clean clear water is the pride of the Swedes, and you can often watch the inhabitants of the city fishing in its very center.
  • But the main attraction is the ancient city , which is located on the island of Gamla Stan. Here is the royal palace. Now here is the residence of the monarch of Sweden.

Every day at twelve o’clock on the main square of the old center there is a solemn changing of the guard, which is interesting to watch for every tourist who is lucky enough to visit Stockholm.

After this spectacle, you can visit the city center and admire the narrow streets, family restaurants and old buildings.

  • The most popular building in Stockholm is located on the island of Kungsholmen . Nobel Prize winners are solemnly received here.

True, the town hall looks quite old, however, it is an example of modern architecture, because it was built relatively recently.

If you are traveling by car, you will be able to enjoy the architecture of the city and its charming, unforgettable views all the more. The tower of the town hall kindly gives you the opportunity to admire the marvelous architecture of the city from your platform, and see, in full view, the capital of Sweden.

  • If you go to Gamla Stan, you can fully appreciate the Swedish cuisine. But keep in mind, if you order fried meat, you will be served it slightly undercooked, as is customary here.

So if you prefer meat with a crispy golden crust, tell the waiter in advance about your tastes in order to avoid misunderstandings, writes Saudi Arabia

  • But rest in Stockholm means frequent and hearty meals. After all, you can taste just a huge amount of seafood and fish dishes.

In Sweden, it is not only perfectly caught, but also served with special art and grace. And remember that in Stockholm you can dine not only in a restaurant, but also for a very modest fee on the street.

  • There are food stalls on every corner where you can buy french fries, fried sausages and more.
    A wonderful place that any tourist should visit is called Junibacken.

The Swedes consider this place a museum, but this is a town inhabited by fairy-tale characters from the Swedish children’s writer Astrid Lingren.

You can travel around the museum on a magical train, at each stop plunging into the maelstrom of wonderful stories created by her.

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