With its historical and cultural heritage, Istanbul enchants with impressive old buildings, colorful markets, parks and temples.

There are many fascinating places in the city that travelers should explore, so you need to prepare yourself for a long and eventful walk. Below is a quick overview of the top 9 attractions in the city:

Topkapi Palace

This building was the main home for generations of Turkish sultans. The palace is an outstanding example of Islamic architecture.

  • Visitors will be able to see exquisite decorations, tiles, a lush garden and Turkish baths. A visit to the place will introduce you to the culture and history of Turkey.

Archaeological Museum of Istanbul

This museum is located near Topkapi Palace and boasts an impressive collection of ancient objects. Among the most impressive exhibits is the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great.

  • Also in the museum you can see extensive collections of ceramics, the Tiled Pavilion, tiles from the Babylonian Ishtar Gate and other relics of Ancient Greece, the Ottoman Empire and other countries. This is one of the main museums of antiquities in the Middle East.

Basilica Cistern

This is a well-preserved reservoir built between the 3rd and 4th century AD. It was used as a source of water for the city.

  • The attraction is located in the city center 150 meters from the Hagia Sophia.

Saint Sophie Cathedral

One of the most recognizable temples in the world, Hagia Sophia is a real architectural masterpiece. It served as the main temple for Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims, but in recent times it was a museum until it became a mosque again.

  • The temple has significant historical and architectural value.

Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park since the 17th century was part of the estate of various important political figures. In the 1940s, the square was given to the city and became a cozy green area where you can stroll and enjoy the lush vegetation, exquisite fountains and ponds.

  • In this place you can see rare species of plants and have a good rest.

Grand Bazaar

The oldest covered market in the world was founded in 1455. The Grand Bazaar has over 3,000 shops and can attract 400,000 visitors a day. Shoppers will find spices, handicrafts, carpets and various rarities in the bazaar.

Dolmabahce Palace

This palace was the state center of the Ottoman Empire in 1856-1922. Dolmabahce is located in the European part of the city and is the largest palace in the country.

In addition to traditional Islamic architecture, it combines Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical styles. This is a truly beautiful place that can inspire and stun everyone.


Whereas in European cities there is usually only one main temple, there are several in Istanbul. The Suleymaniye Mosque was designed in the 16th century by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan for Suleiman the Magnificent.

  • Near the mosque there is a picnic area where locals and tourists gather.

Blue Mosque

One of the most important and significant buildings in Istanbul is the Blue Mosque. It was built in the 17th century, has six minarets and looks especially incredible if you look around the building during a boat tour.

The temple is located near the Hagia Sophia. Nearby there is a picturesque park where you can walk in a relaxed atmosphere and have a bite to eat.