Spring is a time of variable wind. And it concerns not only the weather, but also the lives of people. Many at this time of the year decide to change something in their lives, to complete things. And someone likes to travel in the spring — the weather, colorful landscapes and festivals attract travelers.

There are many places that are better to visit in the spring season. There is something special about this and the trip often comes out more budget. Five places that are especially beautiful and interesting in spring will be presented here.

1. Netherlands

  • In this country in the spring you can see the beautiful Keukenhof flower park at its best. Tulips are in bloom at this time. The extensive gardens are located about thirty kilometers from Amsterdam.

Tulip gardens can be visited from March to May. These exquisite flowers are considered a true symbol of spring.
In the Netherlands, you can also look at interesting old buildings, and go to the villages closest to the city, which look especially colorful and cozy in spring.

2. Barcelona

A beautiful Spanish city that can be visited all year round. However, in spring it has a special atmosphere.

  • Firstly, in spring it is not as stuffy there as in summer. This is suitable for those who have some health problems and those who simply do not like the heat.
  • Secondly, there may be fewer tourists at this time of the year. During the intermediate seasons, Spain becomes popular with those who want to see the real country, its people, and not tourist beaches. Although you can safely go to the beach in the spring.

In spring, there are also many different holidays in the country. For example, in April, St. George’s Day. And in May — night of museums.

3. Budapest

  • This city in Hungary is popular to visit in spring due to its views. In the spring it is already warm there, so you can not be afraid to freeze.

Cherry trees bloom there all spring — their pink color attracts the attention of photographers and people who run their social networks for beautiful shots. It is worth noting that they grow in large numbers and do not need to be looked for. Also in April, festivals are held in the country, where people from different parts of the world flock.

4. Ljubljana

  • If for a traveler spring is melting snow, bright sun and blooming colorful plants, then Slovenia will be a pleasant place.
  • The country has many picturesque lakes, fields with flowers and forests where tourists love to walk. In the spring, all the snow has not yet disappeared from there, but it is already warm enough for walking — the temperature usually stays at the plus sign.

Ljubljana boasts not only the beautiful nature in the area, but also the ancient original architecture inside the city. There are also guided tours around the city, in which they can tell more about the various houses and stories of the city.

5. Kola Peninsula

  • The north of Russia in spring is a great solution for those who are not afraid of the cold and want to see breathtaking views.
  • During the intermediate seasons, travelers visit these places to see the bright Northern Lights. This is a rare phenomenon that catches the eye even in the pictures. Many people dream of seeing him live.

In the spring, a reindeer breeder’s holiday is also held here — various fairs, competitions and interesting excursions are held. You can really have fun on a trip and learn a lot more about the peoples of the North.

Of course, it is not particularly warm in the North — in spring the thermometer shows, on average, minus fifteen. But it is already much warmer than in winter — the temperature on the Kola Peninsula can drop to minus sixty degrees.

Everyone is looking for something different on vacation

Different travelers need different travel experiences — some want to take a break from everything and lie on the beach, while others want to spend their holidays actively. There are many interesting places on our planet. So everyone can find the one that suits him.