Quite a lot of tourists love nature, but often a significant part of people prefer green tourism, which is also called eco-vacation.

Its focus may vary, but the bottom line is that a person will be among nature and will not harm it in any way.

As a rule, such holidays are chosen for a long time, someone likes to stay in the wild and learn to “survive”, others go to farms and remote villages to do simple housework, and they will be provided food and shelter for this.

It is worth noting that not every country is suitable for «green» tourism, although, of course, there are picturesque corners in each of them.

If a tourist wants to go on a completely eco-friendly vacation, then the following countries are suitable for him to choose:

• Luxembourg is a small country that neighbors more famous countries.

  • There is not much interesting in it, and most of the territory is simply occupied by untouched nature, among which ancient zami can occasionally rise.

A tourist can either climb the mountains or live in an old village, or even explore the local forests.

• Andorra is another small corner among the vast expanses of the world, which has preserved its nature, therefore it is not particularly popular among tourists.

Basically, the landscape here is made up of mountains, so a tourist should prepare for heavy loads, but the views and just relaxing will be worth the effort.

• Lesotho is not a country, it is a kingdom, and a mountain one, which few people know about, but this does not negate the local beauty.

High mountains, old, authentic villages and whole canyons that will take your breath away, that’s what awaits the tourist who ends up here.

• Brunei is another little-known state, which, oddly enough, is very suitable for eco-tourism with its picturesque forests, rivers and, of course, the sea, which lovers of relaxation simply cannot ignore.

The country is small, so a tourist can think of a very fruitful vacation, which will include both relaxing in the forest and visiting the beach.

• Liechtenstein is one of the miniature countries that not only defended their own independence, but also preserved a unique and pure nature.

Tourists will like the local forests, which are almost entirely composed of spruces and oaks, and the mountains are covered with lush greenery in spring, there is nothing to say about ski resorts and numerous grapes.

  • By themselves, these countries are not very attractive for most travelers, but those who want a relaxing holiday in the midst of nature may more than like them.

As for the organization of recreation, a person can either travel on his own (tent, supplies and go ahead), or he can search on special sites for eco-tourism, where for food and shelter he will have to do simple work, and in his free time a person will relax and explore the area .

Any option will be appropriate, the main thing is that the person himself decides how he wants to relax, and the Internet will help you find the necessary information and make a travel plan.