Russia is the largest country in the world, with beautiful and rich nature and a huge number of places intended for recreation. Every year, thousands of people choose the sea coast for their vacation with its healing air and incredible views.

Which beach to choose for your vacation in order to comfortably spend a long-awaited vacation? There are many beaches, but not all of them are popular with tourists.

  • In the Krasnodar Territory, on the shores of the Black Sea coast, there is a resort city of Gelendzhik, popular among tourists. It has several beaches designed for recreation, but the most popular, of course, is the Central Beach of the city.

The beach area has a highly developed tourist infrastructure and is perfect for a comfortable stay, including for families with children.

A huge amount of entertainment is offered on the shore, there are many cafes and restaurants where you can have a tasty snack or spend your evening enjoying live music.

  • Sochi has been one of the most popular Russian resorts for many years. Mayak Beach is one of the most popular Sochi beaches among local residents and guests of the city.

Here you can spend time not only swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the shore, but also admiring one of the sights of the city — the Lighthouse, which is over 100 years old. The beach has a lot of entertainment for lovers of a relaxing and active holiday.

Also for leisure, you can choose to visit the water park, which is located here.

  • Let’s move briefly from the Black Sea coast to the Far East, which is also a fairly popular tourist destination. One of the most popular beaches of this place is the beach located in Livadia , not far from Lake Livadia.

Thanks to the closed bays, the weather here is very comfortable and there are almost no winds. In addition to the warm sea and white sand, tourists are attracted by beautiful views of the Far Eastern nature and seascapes.

The underwater world is also distinguished by its richness, which attracts a large number of diving enthusiasts here.

  • Another popular holiday destination is the Baltic coast of Russia . It is here, in the Kaliningrad region, that Yantarny Beach is located, which is marked with a blue flag for good ecology, comfortable conditions, perfect cleanliness and crystal clear sea.

For a resort of character, calm, calm weather and a gentle entrance to the sea. Near the beach there is a forest where you can hide in the heat, take a walk or have a small picnic in the fresh air.

  • One of the most beautiful places in Russia, no doubt, is considered a strip of beaches, which was called «Golden Sands» . They stretched from Feodosia to the village of Beregovoe.
  • This place has been a place of attraction for a large number of tourists since Soviet times, due to the crystal clear sea, soft sand and the almost complete absence of high waves.

The well-developed infrastructure is also pleasing, which consists of various entertainments, children’s and sports grounds and many cafes where you can have a tasty and quick bite to eat.

The length of this beach is the largest in the Crimea — 6 km. Around there are many attractions and medieval buildings that you can admire in between beach holidays.

In our country there are many picturesque places where you can spend your holidays. Beach holidays are very popular in Russia, and for this it is absolutely not necessary to go abroad.

The beaches of our country are very diverse and beautiful, and everyone can choose the place that suits him for his vacation.