The Red Sea is a famous magnet for all lovers of diving and recreation on the water. The coral reefs, which are several billion years old, enchant tourists of all nationalities, forcing them to return to Egypt again and again to have the opportunity to once again enjoy underwater excursions and diving.

  • Corals are one of the treasures of Egypt, which the authorities jealously protect. The fact is that according to Egyptian laws, anyone who somehow damages coral reefs must suffer a well-deserved punishment in the form of a considerable monetary fine.
  • The variety of colors of coral reefs makes underwater excursions an enchanting journey into the marine world. Also, tourists can see a variety of fish and other marine life.
  • An excursion that will allow you to see the beauty of coral reefs, as a rule, takes a whole day. One of the places where you can see one of the most picturesque concentrations of corals is the Egyptian nature reserve Ras Mohammed.
  • In the same national reserve, there are also beaches that are considered the best for scuba diving.

The resorts of Egypt, located on the sea coast, allow guests of the country to go diving all year round, because even in winter the water temperature here does not drop below + 20 degrees.

  • Regardless of which part of the coast tourists find themselves on, they will be able to find a place for diving, because almost any beach in Egypt is suitable for this. Extreme as well as shallow diving spots are on the beaches of Hurghada, Dahab and other settlements.
  • The Red Sea allows you to enjoy not only the views of underwater coral reefs and various inhabitants of the sea, but also photographing sunken sailboats (there is such a place on one of the beaches of Hurghada).

On any beach, tourists can rent equipment necessary for diving, as well as enlist the help of professional dive instructors.