One of the first approved national parks in modern history, Yellowstone was established in the 19th century and is located in the United States.

Its territory lies immediately in the three states of Wyoming (about 96%), Montana (about 3%) and Idaho (about 1%).

The main interest for visitors are hot springs — geysers, because in the park there is a huge dormant volcano, the so-called Yellowstone Caldera, the largest volcanic system in North America.

Flora and fauna

Wildlife is what draws more than 2 million tourists through Yellowstone every year. The park has several tourist locations where you can rent a hotel room or book a bungalow.

  • So in the resort of Stary Faithful there is a famous geyser of the same name , which throws out almost 30 cubic meters of hot water to a height of 50 meters.

The most interesting thing is that the eruptions are not chaotic, but have a strict periodicity — every 2 hours, so crowds of tourists gather here in this chronology.

  • Nearby is a large multi-colored hot spring that has vibrant colors due to the minerals and algae that can exist in the boiling water.
  • In the Lake Village area, guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the massive Yellowstone Lake. Here you can stay in a comfortable hotel, as trails (paths) stretch from here for lovers of excursions of any complexity.
  • The location of the Grand Canyon offers a beautiful view of a large waterfall.
  • The Yellowstone River, starting its journey from the aforementioned lake, overthrows its waters here from a height of more than 90 meters, forming a clear rainbow in the sun’s rays.

Moving around the park, one can note a large number of recreation areas, which have not only a convenient location, but also the ability to connect communications for transport such as a motor home. After all, very often tourists travel around the park on such transport, and for good reason!

Traveling in this way gives a number of advantages:

— the opportunity to comfortably stop and spend the night in the bosom of nature;
— the possibility of building an individual path;
— the ability to travel with a large company on one transport;
— Significant savings.

  • Bison can be found throughout the park. They are a kind of property of the park, because it was the restoration of the bison population that the park set itself as the goal of its existence.

Today, huge herds of bison roam the park, attracting hundreds of photographers from all over the world.


Getting to the park is easy — next to each entrance to the park there is a small town with its own local airports.

So to the north, the prettiest entrance is near Bozeman, the east entrance is up the road from Cody, the south entrance to Yellowstone Park is in the quaint town of Jackson Hole, and to the west is the lumberjack town of West Yellowstone.

The roads in the park itself are of very high quality, they cover the entire territory and almost any chosen route will pass by all the sights.

Compliance with the speed limit is a necessary measure, because wild animals do not bother anyone and can enter the road at any time.