Essen is a beautiful city in Germany, located in picturesque surroundings. The city is known primarily for being one of the best Formula 1 tracks in the world, where competitions are held annually to this day not only in Formula 1, but also in other types of motorsport.

  • Essen is the fifth largest city in Germany. The population of the city is 616,000 people, this figure was recorded in 1995. The city has historically prospered from the extraction of coal and iron ore.

Today Essen is a significant center of science, culture and modern services. Essen is also the largest city in the Ruhr region. There are deposits of coal, brown coal, rock salt, zinc and lead ores.

  • Around the mines and metallurgical plants that developed in Essen, the Ruhr region was created, which became a large agglomeration of the German state. During World War II, Essen played an important role in the development of the iron and steel industry.
  • After the war, entertainment and shopping centers began to play a more important role. A design center was opened in the former mine, which annually awards prizes for the best industrial designs.
  • The authorities of Essen are doing everything to make the city interesting for tourists from Germany and around the world. Essen’s temples are especially worth seeing, not for their architectural value, but for their historical significance. However, not everything in Essen is perfect.
  • The city recorded the highest unemployment rate compared to other German cities. Local residents are trying to overcome this level of economic hardship by restructuring agriculture and raising the profile of services.
  • The Essen mine is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which makes the city even more interesting. Tourists should definitely visit this city.
  • The city also has the fantastic Gruga Park. Lots of variety of plants, birds, animals and bike paths. Lawns that can be used, i.e., for example, spread a blanket and have a meal.
  • Very nice place to stay with children. Various events and festivals are held here. It is, in a way, the green lungs of the city.

Essen is a modern city with all kinds of cultural and scientific attractions as well as a Formula 1 race track, so what more could you want?