Surgut is a young city. It consists of a jumble of micro-districts full of typical high-rise buildings. Yet it has its own charm and a long history that is easy to overlook.

  • If you went to Surgut, first of all look at the monument to the founders of the city , which is located in its center. This is not just a memorable landmark, it has a time capsule at its base.
  • Nearby is the Surgut Big Ben, a smaller version of the original. He often gets in the pictures of the monument.
  • Then you can visit Old Surgut , a whole complex of museums dedicated to the era of the exploration of Siberia. Various events are often held there, and there is an opportunity to buy souvenirs for yourself.
    The city can be called green, it has a lot of vegetation.
  • For those who want to be alone with nature, there are large parks in Surgut.
  • The festival of historical reconstruction «Mangazeya course» is a very significant, albeit rare event that is worth visiting.
  • If you prefer shopping, then numerous shopping centers of the city are available to you: Aura, City Mall, Vershina, Soyuz and others.

Surgut is the burning heart of Siberia, proof of the creative power of man, capable of turning the icy taiga into a prosperous city. Come to Surgut!