Connected by a common geographical position and a common historical destiny with many cultural centers of Ancient Rus’, Kostroma is located in the north-east of Moscow along the banks of the Great Volga and the Kostroma Bay. It is an integral part of a simple, but at the same time unique region of Russia — the Upper Volga region.

Brief information from the history of the city

  • Kostroma is an ancient and original city. The official date of its founding, at the suggestion of researchers, is considered to be 1152, at a time when Prince Yuri Dolgoruky was actively developing the Volga region, intensively creating a large number of cities.

Having an advantageous position along the Volga channel and controlling river traffic, the settlement soon became a fortress of great strategic importance.

During the beginning of the unification of the Russian lands, in the first half of the 14th century, the city was part of the Moscow principality. Ivan Kalita, who reigned then, avoided the internecine battle by buying a label for this principality in the Golden Horde.

  • An important milestone in history is the Time of Troubles. It was here that the famous feat of Ivan Susanin was accomplished, who did not allow the Polish-Lithuanian army to kill Mikhail Romanov, who forever entered the people’s memory.
  • The most rapid and rapid economic growth of the region occurred in the middle of the 17th century — excellent location on the river and the intersection of trade routes, proximity to Yaroslavl attracted many craftsmen and merchants. This fact glorified the region as a major craft center, bringing it to the third place in terms of economic development and population growth.

What is worth seeing in Kostroma?

With a rich history and the status of the most recommended tourist destination of the «Golden Ring» of Russia, it has many interesting places to visit not only for adults, but also for children, on which the architecture will instill a sense of a fabulous place.

• Susaninskaya Square — in the very center of the city there is an unusual fan-shaped square, according to legend, founded by order of Empress Catherine II. It is here that the monuments to Susanin and the Snow Maiden were erected.

• Terem of the Snow Maiden — built in the spirit of folk tales in 2008. The choice of the place of residence fell in favor of Kostroma, since it was in this city that A. Ostrovsky invented the fairy tale of the same name, and the film was shot by director P. Kadochnikov.

• Arbor Ostrovsky — combines the beauty of the view and observation deck and the beauty of spirituality, being considered one of the most romantic places for Kostroma residents.

• «Petrovskaya toy» is another place that will not leave children indifferent. The Museum of Folk Crafts has thousands of painted toys from different regions of Russia and will be of interest to the whole family.

• Trading stalls – after a great fire in 1773, a spacious trading square was created in the center, on which trading places were built in stone. Active trading in them continues to this day.

How can I visit when departing from Moscow?

  • The center of the country has good transport accessibility. Kostroma is no exception, it is connected with our capital by transport routes with all common modes of transport. On land, movement is carried out both by trains and by cars with buses. By air — by plane.
  • For railway lovers, there are a large number of options with an average travel time of 8 hours for the classic «fast» to 4 for the «Lastochka».
  • Road transport will cover a distance of 300 kilometers in about 7 hours, bus transport in 8.
  • Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Moscow, so a flight with a transfer in St. Petersburg takes about 6 hours.

Why is it worth visiting?

Being the cradle of the Romanov dynasty, the birthplace of the Snow Maiden, Kostroma, which is one of the eight best destinations of the Golden Ring, undoubtedly has something to show both history buffs and ordinary people who are tired of the bustle of megacities.

The undisguised originality of the city fascinates and awaits everyone who wants to enjoy peace and tranquility.