The capital of Turkey, Ankara, is the second most populated city after Istanbul. Ankara is located at an altitude of 850 meters above the water level from the edge of the Anatolian plateau.

  • The city of Ankara — the old city, the fortress and the buildings of the city served as protection for local residents, as well as rulers for hundreds of years from the 12th century AD, from the time of the Hittites. Then the city had a little more than 24 thousand inhabitants.
  • Now Ankara is one of the main cities of Turkey , where the best universities and medical centers of the country are located, in particular, the center for winemaking.
  • Ankara is a major transport and trade center of the Turkish Republic. If you decide to visit this wonderful country of Turkey, you can buy air tickets online without leaving your home on special online resources.
  • Akkale is the historical center of Ankara. It is also called the White Castle tower; the building is surrounded by a thick wall, through which experts tracked the turbulent historical events of Ankara.

Virtually everyone who refurbished the defensive walls of this great citadel used the remains of the city’s old buildings as building material.

So, for example, the inner part of the walls belongs to the 6th century, and the castle acquired its present form only in the 9th century under Michael the Second, the Byzantine emperor. Under him, the outer perimeters of the wall were erected.

  • Another, no less famous symbol of Ankara, the Haji Bayram Mosque — 15th century AD — was erected near the ruins of the famous temple of Roma and Augustine, on which pieces of Roman history and a list of the deeds of the Great Augustus were burned.
  • The majestic building — the mausoleum of Ataturk (Anid Kebir, 1953) in the Altere quarter — is a real place for pilgrims. As it is written in all the books, here is the burial place of the founder of the Republic of Turkey — Mustafa Kemal — the very first president of Turkey.

The inhabitants of the Republic love and appreciate their leader for giving Turkey a modern civilized look and, in fact, making revolutionary changes in many areas of the Turkish economy and politics.

According to tradition, the guard changes every hour at the mausoleum.
An interesting place in Ankara is the Hittite Museum, located in the local bazaar. Highly recommended to visit.